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    The Infamous 90 Days!!!!

    It’s been a long 3 months but made it to the infamous 90 days…. This is just the beginning of my journey… My brain is returning to my old brain where triggers don’t affect me anymore and feels like I’m back in real life.. Not fully recovered yet.. Morning wood is coming back slowly…. But I feel...
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    Road To Recovery

    Hello my name is Chris… No stranger to this site… I have had porn addiction for about 10 years now… I first started on this website 5 years ago in 2017… When I went on a impressive 10 week reboot without PMO….Unfortunately relapsed on day 64 by making the foolish mistake on going back on social...
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    Recovery Will Come

    Hello my name is Chris… I posted before and no stranger to this site but I’m going for the journey once again to reboot my brain and recover from porn addiction…. In about 45 minutes I will start my first day and week on this journey.. Longest I’ve went was about 10 weeks… I plan to not only to...
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    The Final Reboot

    Good day to all.... Y?all might remember from 2 years ago... My name is Chris and I have been struggling with porn addiction now for 7 years... I made multiple attempts to quit for years and start a reboot all failed prior to 2017 which was  the first time I made this account in and went for a...
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    Road To Recovery Pt 2

    Greetings... Some of you may remember me from last year when I went on my journey to recover from porn addiction... I made it to 10 weeks, 64 days to be exact then unfortunately made a huge mistake by going on to social media then relasped shorty after....Would have never made it that far if I...
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    Road to recovery

    1.Name: Chris 2. Day Counter :10 3.Age 23 Story: I started finding and watching porn at 19 years of age. I guess you can call me a late bloomer... I used to be this charming high schooler who got his share of girls. Ever since I graduated high school (2012) later that year I made the biggest...