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  1. Carl_Smith

    Carl Smith - Living Free

    Day 464 - Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for the crazy mental energy and focus I've had since I quit porn and video game addiction. I've spent the last week working on a new hobby website, writing a 2nd ebook, and learning new languages like TypeScript and modern web...
  2. Carl_Smith

    Carl Smith - Living Free

    Day 436 The stormy waves in my mind have changed into a smooth, still lake. It’s an amazing feeling of balance and contentment. I believe that smashing my brain with dopamine “junk food” was preventing me from finding this place, but this is where I want to stay. I actually am in the best...
  3. Carl_Smith

    Carl Smith - Living Free

    Day 420 BEAUTY It doesn’t help you appreciate beauty. After years of looking for “new perfect 10s” that are “just your type” online, that thrill will become harder to find, and you’ll spend most of your time searching in frustration for something new. The hottest, most surgically enhanced...
  4. Carl_Smith

    Enough is enough

    I have heard of other people removing devices and smartphones and it helped them. You say you've tried will power and it was hard. You also have done a lot of reading. If you have 30 minutes, can I suggest ? It's a quick read. Good luck.
  5. Carl_Smith

    Holding the Fool (me) to Account

    > - I don't stare after hot women/girls in the real world. I notice and move on. Good for you champ. This is still highly challenging for me.. It's very easy for me to creep out when I'm at the pool (with my family)... my eyes are like heat seeking missiles And to be honest, being off porn...
  6. Carl_Smith

    Flatline stories...please!

    My flatline was 45 days. No libido / erections. But frankly I didn't care because I was happy to be free from slavery of screens and porn. The other effects could be related to your own mindset and attitude. If you think withdrawals are going to be hard, then they probably will be.... you...
  7. Carl_Smith

    Enough is enough

    My teenage son is going to start taking the bus next year... I was already worried about that exact scenario you mentioned. (except with phones and video). Live free man, I can tell you it can be done...
  8. Carl_Smith

    Carl Smith - Living Free

    Day 413 Remembering Do I still remember some scenes from porn? Honestly, yes – but they are much less stimulating. It’s like an old, burnt cigarette, that generates a small amount of dopamine. What has been seen can’t be unseen, but it will get blurrier over time, and not dwelled upon.
  9. Carl_Smith

    Carl Smith - Living Free

    Thanks SimonM 👍👍👍 Sorry for the message flood, this is the 3rd and perhaps last for now. The creative energy was really flowing this weekend. Day 412 Electricity and Rationalizing Imagine your limbic brain is a dumb electrical appliance. If you unplug 99 out of 100 power cords (false...
  10. Carl_Smith

    Carl Smith - Living Free

    Day 411 Mellow After 13 months, I feel more calm and “mellow” than I’ve been in years. For example, seeing a woman smile feels very pleasant, and not just in a sexual way, but a deeper way. It’s hard to put into words. It’s like I can experience subtle joys again. It’s like years of porn and...
  11. Carl_Smith

    Carl Smith - Living Free

    Day 410. I thought about similarities between porn and gambling addiction. It's crazy, for some reason I never connected these dots well before. Gambling Have you ever looked down on gambling addicts? I know I did. Is spending an hour binge searching for just the right new site, video, or...
  12. Carl_Smith

    The Illusions of Porn Addiction (60 second short video)

    -- C. Smith Author of 42/M, 13 months free
  13. Carl_Smith

    Serious effects of porn on women

    You might be interested in this poll I ran 500 people, 290 were women. I found the results very fascinating. For example, more women than men said they talked to someone about reducing their usage or quitting...
  14. Carl_Smith

    A 500 person USA survey about porn usage and methods of quitting (2022)

    10 Charts that I thought were interesting And at the end: Q3.What specific method or resource worked best for you, to quit using pornography? Just quit (15) No interest (9) Prayer / God / Preaching (9)...
  15. Carl_Smith

    The Easy Peasy Way to Quit Porn

    Thanks @TakeActionNow . you have an excellent memory. I stumbled across EasyPeasyMethod and it flipped the switch in my head, that I was an addict and needed to quit, so I'm very grateful for it. I also read other scientific books afterward. I wrote my own version of it (Allen Carr method of...
  16. Carl_Smith

    No more excuses

    Hey Z. I'm 42 and had a messed up view of sexuality for most of my life. Divorced parents, gangster rap, stupid friends/peers, jerking off, then porn.... but a few years ago I did learn about and figure out tantric sex (imho what sex should be) and quit porn 7 months ago. I've never been in...
  17. Carl_Smith

    Carl Smith - Living Free

    Day 226. Been a while since I checked in. - I have so much mental energy, I took up a new hobby / part time gig, doing voiceover on fiverr. Already did 5 jobs for people! I took a professional voice training course as well! So cool! Hobbies are what people did to get dopamine, before f-kin...
  18. Carl_Smith

    Porn & Cigarettes

    I think you might find this site interesting: It's based on allen carr's quit smoking method... Good luck man, live free. And welcome!
  19. Carl_Smith

    Let's begin a new journey

    Hey man. Good job on your journey. I know what you mean about ecchii and anime... stuff like that turns me on just as much as "porn", sometimes even more. Can I suggest reading when you have an hour and a clear mind? I hope you find it helpful.
  20. Carl_Smith

    Excited to be free

    That's awesome. My wife likes some gentle "taps" on her yoni as part of the foreplay, to mix it up. The vibrations go deeper into the body. Tantric yoni massage/sex is not something I've ever seen in porn or hollywood movies, but it is real sacred sex. Glad you and your partner found it...