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  1. BigM

    Refractory period struugles.

    So far my reboot is doing good, however has any one experienced a change in the refractory duration after sex? Before pied I would get hard after 30 mins or 20, but right now it's nearly impossible to get an erection after two hrs. Will it ever get back to where i was or should I just throw it...
  2. BigM


    So, I recently had sex. That was two days ago, I had few observations: the refractory time is long ( I could only get hard after three hrs, this is bizzare b'cos before all this I had shorter durations), after sex I completely lost the urge to have aex for almost two days, today I went out...
  3. BigM


    Is it ever going to get back to what i used to be? I came a long way, started my reboot latest yr(September). Initially I had trouble getting it up at all. I'm glad I can get random elections once in a while when I'm alone. I'm however frustrated by the fact that I hang out with women but...
  4. BigM

    Intermittent flatline and erectile failure

    Well I have been rebooting for the past 3 months, I've had sex countable times. The thing is I'm no longer confident around women, I don't have the confidence to approach a stranger. I know I shouldn't give it a thought, but I'm young (24 yrs) and you understand I am at the exploration stage...
  5. BigM


    Today I start the reboot again, I feel bad having relapsed in December. Luckily I can still manage an erection, though I still have no libido. It's frustrating , not to be aroused when I see a naked lady, my girl doesn't turn me on that much, and I can't always give her sex when she demands...
  6. BigM


    So basically I relapsed yesterday (not that I'm proud of it), but I was scrolling through TikTok the urge grew and had to watch a movie which has numerous erotic scenes. I found my self tempted and tripped, got stuck in the mud. So today my girl came over and for the first time we had sex after...
  7. BigM


    Should we stop viewing semi nude images on the gram and other social media feeds? Do such images stir a shoot in dopamine levels?
  8. BigM


    Hi, it's been 3 weeks in the reboot, hard mode rebooting to be precise. I must admit I have never felt this good. The flat line has been with me as expected but I have learnt to embrace it. Yesterday the very girl I was afraid of having sex came for a sleep over, we started cuddling and kissing...
  9. BigM


    I get hard in the morning when I think about sex, but when I think of a real life lady or see one I don't believe I could get hard if given the chance to have sex with her. Is it normal to have this kind of feeling during your reboot?
  10. BigM

    First date

    This past weeks, I met a girl and she's been charming. The lady asked me out next Friday and I couldn't say no! The big question is I'll be three weeks in my reboot (hard mode) I have tried rebooting but relapsed several times. I'm confused if it's okay to expect anything, I get random...
  11. BigM


    Hi, it's been two weeks no porn. I made a few. Observations and thought I should share with you guys. I don't know if this is weird but of late things have been rough. The urge to M or have sex has been so strong. I sometimes feel like I really want to get laid but then my penis could...
  12. BigM


    I sometimes manage to have erections from imaginations created in my mind about the girls I have had in the past . Initially I could not get an erection at all , intake this as a good sign , but then when I see a new girl or lady that I might desire sexually the urge and drive to have them...
  13. BigM

    Watching movies

    Hi there, I've stopped watching porn but then what should I do when movie sex scenes come one the screen . Do the movie sex scenes have an effect on my reboot.
  14. BigM


    I hate my self,I couldn't resist the desire , one week into the reboot I jerked off yesterday being the third consecutive day . Now I have to start all over again .. I don't want my phone. Anymore .
  15. BigM


    So honestly I don't know if my problem is ED or PIED, but I'm quite sure the latter is the problem . I feel more comfortable letting out my thoughts or rather putting them down here for y'all to read and reply . So two days ago my girlfriend came over , we had sex but that was only a shag , I...
  16. BigM

    Kenyan pied encounter

    Just started , it's rough and tough. The temptations , the fact that I can easily access a smart phone , I mean all this visuals could make me relapse. Basically I'm on day 2 , I didn't know how serious porn and masturbating was affecting me . One night my girl pulls over and it's when I realize...