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  1. Carl_Smith

    The Illusions of Porn Addiction (60 second short video)

    -- C. Smith Author of 42/M, 13 months free
  2. Carl_Smith

    A 500 person USA survey about porn usage and methods of quitting (2022)

    10 Charts that I thought were interesting And at the end: Q3.What specific method or resource worked best for you, to quit using pornography? Just quit (15) No interest (9) Prayer / God / Preaching (9)...
  3. Carl_Smith

    Announce: The Flying Eagle Method (free ebook)

    Hi, The PA Dictionary is renamed to The Flying Eagle Method There is also an EPUB version, and you can print it to PDF. (See the Introduction section for the EPUB link.) All feedback is appreciated, from those who read it!
  4. Carl_Smith

    The Porn Addict Dictionary - Free E-Book on quitting without willpower

    I wrote a free ebook on quitting porn called The Porn Addict Dictionary: 35 Keys for Quitting Without Willpower edit: moved it to It combines ideas from Allen Carr's Easy Way, Dopamine Nation, Your Brain on Porn, Make the Big Time Where You Are, and others. Let...
  5. Carl_Smith

    Carl Smith - Living Free

    85 days free from porn and fapping to screens. What saved me was Easy Peasy, YBOP, and Dopamine Nation. And telling the TRUTH to my wife/son, that I was an addict and my addiction was harming them. edit: My new website designed to replace Easy Peasy Creating...
  6. Carl_Smith

    41/m, 100+ days free. Life is in color again. I hit rock bottom and quitting was easy for me.

    Fapped to pictures/softcore/hardcore for 25 years. Realized I couldn't handle small stresses, like AT ALL. The more new women I fapped to, the more bored I would get. Had some ED and DE the last few years, and felt tired a lot. Stopped all porn and fapping to screens. No libido for first 45...