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  1. TryingHarder

    6 Months Clean: A (Partial) Success Story

    According to my calculations, I am now 6 months free of PMO. This beats my previous clean streak of 5 months, so I'm feeling good. However, I'm certainly not out of the woods yet. Many of you are wondering "how do other people do it? Why can't I quit?" There's no single answer for those...
  2. TryingHarder

    You know what really helps?

    You know what really helps with a porn addiction? Regular exercise and getting a good night's sleep. I know, I know - that sounds too simple, or corny, and we all want a magic bullet. In a general effort to boost my mental health and get me through a 90-day reboot, I've been doing those things...
  3. TryingHarder

    Thoughts on the shame of a porn addiction

    Some thoughts on the shame of a porn addiction (inspired by Eli Nash's must-see video)... Any addiction is bad news and destructive. If you were to confide to someone that you had a drinking problem or a drug problem, they would most likely be concerned, and ask how they could help. And there...
  4. TryingHarder

    Crawling from the wreckage

    I figure that's a cool/dramatic name for my journal. ;) My story: I'm a 53 year old trying to break a 25 year porn habit. Like most guys in my 20s, I masturbated with Playboy a few times a week, and it was no big deal at the time. Then came the internet, and within a year I had access to so...
  5. TryingHarder

    Hello, trying to beat a 25+ year addiction

    Hello, Reboot Nation. I am struggling with a porn addiction that has lasted for almost 30 years. Depression and loneliness saw me seeking comfort in porn, and it slowly but surely took over my life and warped my mind. Although I'm much better than I was, I just haven't been able to give up porn...