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  1. J

    Day 150|I felt almost healed for 25% of the month|I hope I heal soon|I'm content

    Your story is amazing and motivating. I’m a teen struggling with PIED too. Thanks for sharing man.
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    I’m losing hope

    Hey gang, I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I quit porn for about 2 months and I saw no difference. Am I doing something wrong?
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    How Do I get rid of porn urges

    I stopped watching porn for over a month and but then I relapsed and watched porn. I?m getting extreme urges. What can I do to distract myself from these urges or get rid of them.
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    Surpassed one month

    Hello my friends. I just passed 1 month without porn and I haven?t found any differences (higher libido etc). I have still continued to masturbate using imagination but not regularly at all. Should I stop masturbation in total or should I just continue with no porn. Again, no change in libido, I...
  5. J

    3 WEEKS!

    Im now at 3 weeks with out porn!! I also have cut down masturbation (imagination only) to only once a week. My next goal is to cut out masturbation completely until I am completely healed.
  6. J


    I am now almost 3 weeks with out porn and almost 1 week with out masturbation! I haven't been struggling to much and for that I am grateful. Every time porn pops up in my head I am usually able to distract myself which is very good. Stay strong my friends!!
  7. J

    Question about masturbation

    Hello all, I am now over 2 weeks no porn but I have a question. While u am quitting porn and staying on my journey of a porn free life, will it set me back, or is it okay to masturbate using my imagination (not using a porn fantasy)? Or should I be cutting masturbation out of my life...
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    I am about 1.5 weeks with out masturbating and I was about to relapse and I was able to contain myself and stop halfway. I did not climax/orgasm, will this set me back? (kinda like edging)
  9. J

    I am 16 and I need some help

    Hello I hope you are all doing well. I have found this site after searching through google countless times to see what is wrong with me. I am 16 and i started watching porn around the age of 12. Last year, my ex girlfriend and I were ready to have sex when something horrible happened. After...