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    **Accountability Partner Requests**

    Hi, I can be your accountability partner, i am almost 25 and my best streak is also 15 days max. I have been trying for an year now. ( i am also Indian ) You can personally message me if you want to.
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    No reaction to porn

    it took me 7 months of no porn and occasional masturbation. Yes now i can get full erections just form sensations but i have to be very slow otherwise it doesnot happens. I recommend you masturbate less, as you are doing, you will recover better.
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    No reaction to porn

    thank you for your suggestion
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    No reaction to porn

    I have been on reboot on and off for more than a year , I am 24 years old. I started it on 8 June, 2020, it happened when suddenly one night I couldn't get erection to porn. ( I was used to fap everyday, with long edging sessions ) But i relapsed on porn until October 2020, After that I did...
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    Age 24, Male, leaving masturbation habit.

    So, I have been on nofap on and off form June 2020, I suffered from PIED where I could get hard only by porn and nothing else. Now, I have reached to a point where I can get hard by myself, I honestly i dont care much about it most of the time, I am porn free for 4 months. My main problem...
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    Age 24, Virgin, Erection Problem

    It started suddenly when on June 8 2020, I went to PMO session and suddenly I could not get even a little erection, Prior to that I have never had any issue with erections and seriously I never monitored by Morning Wood as I did not cared about it. The next day though I had some morning wood but...