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    Robby, do you have an accountability partner or accountability software for your phone and computer?
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    A few months back I turned my smartphone into a dumbphone. Basically, I can only make calls, text, and use google maps along with a few harmless apps. I can't download apps, and I've allowed myself only 30 minutes of internet access (through the Covenant Eyes app) in case I run into an...
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    P-sub is becoming troublesome for me, and it's making me realize that my recovery isn't really there. Been looking at YouTube on my TV even though I've blocked it from my phone. I'm relying too much on accountability software and thinking to myself that "I'm recovered" when really I'm not, nor...
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    Hey now, everyone! I was exposed to pornography at an early age, somewhere within the first decade of my life, but I can't be exact. I just remember finding the magazine stash at a friend's house and passing the time looking at them on a few occasions. My folks were great, but they were rather...