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    1 year of Hard-Mode. Rewiring failure?

    Hey everyone! I have completed one year of hardmode reboot with no rewiring. Yesterday I was making out with a girl I liked and I didn't feel any erection at all. I don't think I was in a flatline. My morning wood over this one year has improved. But I am a virgin. I am very confused as I...
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    Hello, fellow rebooters. I am a 22-year-old male and I have been on this forum for the last 4 months or so. I was initially a 'lurker' but then I started participating in some threads and today I decided to open up my journal- just because I felt like it. I have been addicted to pornography...
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    Porn dreams-Wet dreams PIED

    Day before yesterday I had a porn dream(softcore, nothing explicit) and it turned into a nocturnal emission. For the last two days my erections have been like they were before the reboot it seems. I'm freaking out a bit. Does anyone have any idea what might be the reason? I am on day 116 of hard...
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    Pains of a non-linear recovery?

    From Good 100% MW every day to no MW in the last 8 days. That's been my journey at the 90 day hardmode mark. I thought by this time I had expected my MW to last longer when I stood up but it has completely disappeared. I wonder if I'm doing anything wrong. I don't have a partner and it feels...
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    PIED Recovery Plateau?

    Hey all! 75 days hard mode here. After about 30 days hard-mode MW regularized but goes down when standing up. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Can get erections without touch to realistic fantasy or sometimes full erections with no fantasy and just touch. All these signs were visible on day...
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    PIED- Some Questions.

    I am a 22-year-old guy with PIED who started watching porn from age 10 and had my first kiss at age 18 and one failed PIV (lost erection while putting on the condom) at age 21 last year after which I quit porn. Never escalated to anything too extreme and watched 20-minute sessions every other...
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    PIED-Morning Wood

    Hey, everyone! 45 days into hard mode. Had morning wood 11 days in the last 13 days which was earlier at the rate of once in 11 days or once in 3 days. So I guess that is something that is an indicator of recovery? However, I haven't had MW in the last 2 days. I know the process is non-linear...
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    Does a longer period of abstinence make it more difficult for rewiring with a real partner?
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    PIED- Nocturnal Emissions

    Hey, rebooters! 39 days in hard mode just had my first nocturnal emission (wet dream) yesterday night. It was a bit porn like, so I am confused if the wet dream is a good thing or a bad one. Does it set back my progress or is it a sign of progress in itself. Are there any consequences? Please...
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    Hi, everyone! I had some questions regarding rewiring with a real partner and it would be great if some of you could help me solve my doubts. I am a 22-year-old male with PIED. Have had only one sexual experience and that too a terrible one when I discovered PIED. Before that, I used to make...
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    110 days P-free. 37 days M/O-free. Seeing improvements in PIED recovery

    Hey, Fellow fapstronauts! I am a 22-year-old guy who got addicted to porn since 10. Didn't have PIED symptoms till 19 but was a virgin. Only after that, the erections' quality started deteriorating. Today is my 110 days porn free. A landmark I thought I won't reach but I did. And this is really...