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    36, PIED, new plan

    I'm 36, was raised religious and to not have sex before marriage. Started questioning my religion in my late 20s but wasn't quite willing to go against those rules. Started using PMO at 27. Wasn't having any real life sexual partners for several years. After a few years of this, when I actually...
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    Started porn late, but was a does this impact recovery time?

    I keep reading things about how young guys who started on high speed internet porn when they were very young and sexually inexperienced take longer to reboot. So my situation is that because of religious reasons growing up (and I was a very good boy...) I didn't start masturbating or looking at...
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    Waking up at night to pmo?

    I'm new here, but have tried quitting pmo a couple times. I've found one of my biggest problems is that I will get a decent streak going by just choosing not to use during the day, but then I'll wake up in the middle of the night with kind of a hazy mind and feeling horny and my willpower and...
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    34 year old virgin with PIED

    Hey all, First time posting and really committing to getting off pmo. I'm 34 years old, been using pmo for about 7 years, and I'm technically a virgin. This is not my first time trying to stop, but it's definitely my most serious so far, driven by the realization that I have PIED. I grew up...