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  1. OrangeSpider

    no nut September

    I know this is usually done in November. But I dont want to wait till then. I want to start now. It feels good to know that it has been 8 days! Its at least a start for me.
  2. OrangeSpider

    fresh start...

    Like many of you I have tried fresh starts a few times and not gained much out of it. Hey, but its a new decade and I dont want to keep on seeing my days go on and not get anywhere. So Im going to give it a another try. I plan on sharing my thoughts and feelings here, as well as were I am on the...
  3. OrangeSpider

    facing my worst fears

    Hello to everyone. As most of you, I have struggled with this for over 20 years and want finally for something to change. I think sharing my struggles with other fellow strugglers might help me in that respect, so I would like to do that here.