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    Still some issues after almost a year

    First off - I’m a million times better than I was when I started my reboot last September. I’m also sure I will only continue to get better as time goes on. I’m just looking for some support, thoughts and maybe some encouragement here. I have (and will most likely continue to MO occassionally...
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    It’s possible to get better

    Hey all. I figured it’s time for me to finally post my “success” story. My full story is in my journal “Up and Down PIED” if you’re interested. I started my reboot in September 20, 2021 so I’ll be coming up on 8 months pretty soon 2 relapses during that time and 1 lesson learned about avoiding...
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    PIED seemingly cured but…performance anxiety is a bitch

    I’ve got a journal on here detailing my entire story so I’ll save the unrelated details. I’m 6 months into my reboot. I HAVE managed to have sex without viagra a handful of times. Another handful of times with viagra. my libido is back. In full force. When I look at my wife’s body - erection...
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    Exercise question

    Looking for some advice. I’m a husband, father of 3, own a business, wife owns a business. There is very little time to dedicate to going to the gym. That said, I’m trying to do everything I can to do the best I can. Or something. Aside from going to the gym during lunch. I’m looking for quick...
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    Up and down ED

    So, I'm not sure the etiquette here. I posted something similar in the 40 years old and up section but haven't gotten any responses. I'm desperate for some advice. Has anyone had any issues with PIED coming and going during rewiring? Sometimes my dick works....sometimes it doesn't...
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    Up and down PIED

    Hey fellow old guys. I figure it's time to tell my story and ask if any of you have had any similar experiences. Looking for tips/advice. I haven’t been keeping exact track of my days but I’m somewhere around 75-80 days no PMO. I’ve MO’d maybe 5-7 times to sensation during that period...