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    Persistent fear of going into deeper categories

    I got started watching tranny porn after an ad popped up on my screen about a year and a half or more ago now. That was when I started to get a little more serious about learning about porn addiction. Since then I have gone deeper into it and even sometimes fantasize about having sex with a...
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    PIED test

    I've been on and off with studying porn addiction topics for a while. I recently did the test to figure out if I have pied and realize that I do. I am not too worried because I realize it is reversible. I have just been questioning myself a lot lately on the kind of life I would like to live. I...
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    Finding Peace

    Hello, I am a 24 year old male who's had a porn addiction since I was about 10-11 years old. It started when I moved to a new place and another kid who was a few years older brought over porn DVDs to my home. Him, my brother and I sat in our basement watching them together. I lived with my...