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    Is it wrong to fantasize about a work colleage and MO if you are married?

    Have this work colleage, which talk to very rarely. Really attractive sexy type which wears sexy clothes everyday. It wrong to MO thinking of her?
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    Drug addicts have alternative drugs to calm their cravings, what about porn?

    Drug addicts have alternative drugs to calm their cravings, what alternatives can we do to calm our cravings for porn? The forum is of great help. But really, we have nothing but willpower to support us na?
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    Confused, is sex addiction real?

    Hey guys, Just read an article from psychology today saying that nothing has been researched on "dopamines" etc.. on videos.. and that sex addiction is real.. google it and read.. But for me, am on PMO 6 right now and feeling great.. Wondering if its really PMO making me feel great or a placebo...
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    Should we escape porn by avoiding triggers or face it and fight it?

    Shoud we avoid triggers or face them and try understand them? If we escape the triggers, aren't we preparing ourselves for something worse later on?
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    It better to mark days without PMO or mark days with PMO?

    Read somewhere that its better to avoid mark days without PMO since that reminds us of porn. Isn't it better if we mark days without PMO since we see how long we have resisted and it makes us stronger to keep going? I mean not break the streak..
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    Journal of Motivation - Tips are welcome to sooth myself

    I am Day 2.     Did I use porn today? - Highlly temped to hence I am posting here.     What were my triggers? - Since that morning, there are visual cues of women at work. I have an erection because I did not O yesterday, one day and I am like a monster who is voyeurism every moving women...
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    Age 33 - Help needed badly - Am on day 2 and finding it super hard to resist

    Hi to you all, Am a porn addict for over a decade. Am married. Whenever am alone at home, its a ritual that I watch maximum porn (dopamine clicks). I decided should quit porn recently because all I see in women lately are asses, boobs. Not very human. Also, porn has been leading to fights with...