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  1. Joosh

    Metanoia, a journey of faith

    Sober Maybe I should be counting days, but I have lost track. I looked at porn last night but I didn't give myself over to it. For some reason I'm able to retain a sober mind. The pull isn't as strong as it used to be.
  2. Joosh

    stepbystep's journal

    Wow, congratulations on being porn free for so long.
  3. Joosh

    Metanoia, a journey of faith

    Reboot. First of all i'm not a computing machine. Having said that I use the computer and porn has written error in my operating system so to say. All dramatism aside, I'm doing pretty good. The tug of war is still there, but I also find myself dismissing that stupid game. In the end porn is...
  4. Joosh

    Metanoia, a journey of faith

    METANOIA A journey of faith. "Hey joy! What are you like? When you're genuine and innocent? Free from ill intentions and the lust of strangers Could I get to know you? Without losing myself inside you? Could we be like children exploring the cornfield? Running and laughing until we catch our...