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    I am frustrated.. Trying for 3 and half years now...!

    Don't abandon, go a head !
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    My Reboot Journal - 2020

    Hello, today is Day 1/90 days Yesterday I had a bad day, depressed, guilty, I canceled at all what I had to accomplish (class, visit and others) I have planned for today to go shopping, to go and help a friend who has lost her father, to chat with friends and at night to take time for prayer...
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    My Reboot Journal / Journey to Success

    Good luck, and go a head ! Dont' abandon !!
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    My Reboot Journal - 2020

    Hello, I am Robert7M, boy, Christian 23 years old ... Hello, it's been about a long time since I participated in the forum. It's just because I had fallen less often, gap of about 3 weeks for the first and 3 more for the second. It's disappointing that I fall back ... But I think going from 2...
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    Zander Reboot - Light at the end of the tunnel

    Don't abandon. People who succeed to quit PMO are perseverant. I advice you to read stories of that who succeed, you will see that They had the same idea, and some others thought worst. But they continued, they persevered and they succeed a day, a month, some an year others more than an year...
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    My Reboot Journal - 2020

    My Reboot Journal Hello, I am 23 years old and I have been addicted since my fasting age. I am not a good english speaker but I'll do my best. Little story: I started when I came across it at a very young age in a grown-up's phone and I haven't gotten rid of it since. At the high school, I...
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    En Finir pour de bon

    En Finir pour de bon Bonjour, je suis ?g? de 23ans et je suis accro depuis mon je?ne ?ge. Petite histoire : j'ai commenc? lorsque je suis tomb? dessus ? tr?s bas ?ge dans le t?l?phone d'une grande personne et depuis je ne m'en debarasse plus. Aux humanit?s ( lyc?e ) je passais des nuits...