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    Adventure of a lifetime - The sobriety chain

    Stay strong mate!
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    Return to reality

    That's a great way to go about it my friend. I'm going to try this too! Sharing with a closed one does really help. I can vouch for that. Stay strong!
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    One day elimination test

    I have noticed that reading and sharing about my addiction helps, no matter in how small of a way, but the journey seems positive. So, I recently read about this one day elimination test and I feel it is worth sharing since we all are aware that just deciding and quitting porn is just not...
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    A way back to the light

    Loved to read your positivity and your strength and your willingness to keep trying no matter what! And I have time and again realised and felt the need of having someone to discuss it and get help without feeling shameful about it. So, yes! Buddy...we are here to support each other and he must...
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    Stay strong

    The craving reaches to a level where I feel I'll watch this one time. But I have realised that that moment needs to pass somehow. Those few moments of control can bring in strength to our mind for next many hours. And the most important thing, I feel so good about myself if I manage to control...
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    Reposting some motivation

    Got up early to leave for a walk but felt too tired to get up. Usually I watch p to feel lighter on stress level... So I came here. And I read this... Truly motivating and a helping read! (Hello Gentlemen. First, let's figure out if this post is for you. If it is for you, stay, read, and...
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    Still a non expresser of himself! Just too stressed out with the daily routine that life has brought. Night ends with pmo. Tired of trying to quit. Tired of the stress it brings on other things in my life. Feels like coming here and talking or helping someone else might help me in return!
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    Helping myself

    I came here today when right now I have an extreme urge to watch p. But instead I tried watching some motivational videos on YouTube and then thought of coming here and sharing and hoping the urge to fade away! Trying my best.
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    A friend's advice

    You can call me Sam. Came across this forum last month. A friend told me about it. I'm 32 years old, working as a freelancer in Bangalore. I'm a very shy and reserved guy. Never in my life had the courage to share my stress due to porn with anyone. I just feel like I will be judged and not...