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    A new chapter in my life.

    There is certainly hope but believe me, you want to get in front of it. I know it's not easy to have that conversation but if you love her you'll be honest with her. You're, at this point, lying to her and deceiving her into being with you. You have a problem and you're already working on it by...
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    A new chapter in my life.

    She did take me back with a series of restrictions, and boundaries along with no promises that I'll be around for good. I can't expect more than that and we both agreed that it would be a different set of circumstances if I hadn't lied and hid things. Most betrayed women will forgive the...
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    A new chapter in my life.

    You should tell her whether you are ready to or not. By not telling her you're taking away her option to stay and work on it with you or to leave because it's too much for her. If you love her you'll tell her.
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    I'll start this off by saying I scoffed at the idea of porn being the center of my problems with ED. How could it be? I've watched porn my whole life without any issues in my sexual endeavors. My girlfriend pointed this out as a possible issue for the sudden up-surge in my failures to achieve an...
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    A new chapter in my life.

    I have been two weeks without PMO or MO of any sort and just today had my first morning erection in a long time. Unfortunately I am not at a point where I can answer your questions myself but I have a question for you: How did you become aware of the issue, and how has your girlfriend been about...
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    Just found out about PIED, YBOP, RebootNation a week ago and the sun broke through the clouds for me

    Thanks for sharing. I am the same technically but I am older and in a relationship. It's been around two weeks since I last watched porn or masturbated. I too have not been getting morning erections until this morning briefly. I hope things are returning to normal for me, but I will continue on...