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    OPEN THREAD: porn addicts are welcome !! Share your stories ❤️

    I’m just here to listen, Evaluate , share the daily struggles of those who want to be free of porn !!! I will check in daily , feel free to share your thoughts and feelings this is an open discussion thread !!! I just want everyone to know you’re not alone! Maybe we can all help eachother join...
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    Sometimes I fear I?m stuck

    I?ve been on here for years since 2016 and no matter what I do I always end up in a never ending struggle with porn . I?ve experienced more anxiety as well . I thought I could change but irrelevant hopeless and I tried to except that it was only hocd that I was into guys but nothing?s works I am...
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    Is anyone struggling like this ?

    Anyone else feels like this is a never ending cycle . I feel like depression makes you really want to Pmo because your searching for that temporary feeling that feeling to feel good when your down. 
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    Does anyone wanna just talk ?

    I?m 21 and literally so over porn ! Just want to chat with someone who relates ! Just to sum up everything porn has made me sexually confused!!!!!
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    21 and done - looking for a consistent friend to talk too :(

    Is there anyone willing to have co therapy convos with me in my inbox I wanna be able to about my problems with someone on a daily basis I would also like to check in on others as well on here . IF YOUR WILLING TO COMMUNICATE ON DAILY BASIS Little bit about me Age :21 Race :African American...
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    A 9 year porn addict and I?m still struggling

    The problem is with me is that porn was a go too outlet for fun when i began puberty in 6-7th grade now I?m noticing through the years that I?m an addict . I went from straight to - les and gay pmo and that?s all I watch now to get me to climax . Is there any new approaches on staying sober /...
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    Gay/ lesbian only compulsive porn addict

    I'm a 20 yr old male , who is also a Christian struggling with this porn addiction . For months I could go without it . Now it's  went from weeks I could control it, to only a few days . And now it's making me want to act out to experience the euphoric feeling . But Ik if was too do so that...
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    Constant and compulsive gay / lesbian porn addict

    I'm a 20 yr old male , who is also a Christian struggling with this porn addiction . For months I could go without it . Now it's  went from weeks I could control it, to only a few days . And now it's making me want to act out to experience the euphoric feeling . But Ik if was too do so that...
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    withdrawl issues ? answers please.

    Has anyone ever have a compulsive checking problem while under no mo or pmo .  I keep checking to see if any guys give weird gay vibes like im trying to figure them out . In my head though . Has anyone dealt with that please Respond . Thank you .
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    any bad relapses!!!!

    Rn things arent going to well me and my Johnson  stilk dealing with hocd compulsive thoughts and its starting to take over me at times like i cant control sexual urges its like ill be at work see a guy and automatically something sexual comes up in my head . I used to get girls but now i cant...
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    hocd thoughts insecurities

    Does hocd thoughts make anyone feel insecure while trying to mingle w woman
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    6 days in so FAR hocd checking problems

    Sooo im like  6 days in to no pmo  or mo at all . And one of my hocd pr9blems is checking to see  if other guys are gay secretly . Idk why  . But my mind is like fucked up . And other than that  it just random unwanted thoughts. I just want to go back to normal I CAN STILL have an emotional...
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    acting on hocd thoughts

    Has anyone ever acted out on hocd to just relieve anxiety. ...... well i have and it only makes it worse.  I wish i never watched porn  its ruining my life?
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    im feeling more depressed and spiraling

    So i tried to no pmo once again a coyple days back. And not long ago this morning i  pmo. Only because  it feel as if everything and the universe thinks i might be gay. And even though i personally cant accept this  not because afraid of people knowing but  ,  having to live like this and be...
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    Day 1 of offical 2nd reboot hard mode

    SO this is my official day of my reboot and today has been well. Ive did this before.. so i know whats,to come. Today i had to tone down alot of intrusive thoughts . Trying to keep a  sain mind going through this . Walk w me !!
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    Lets quit porn addiction together!

    Its been going on 6 years since. I began porn and overall it destroyed my chances of sexual interests in girls . My self confidence. And over all just made me depressed. Dealing w this issue even cause me to attempt to try the same sex but i knew it felt forced .i was not into either! Either...
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    who has porn hocd?????

    After years  of porn desentization  I watched about everything and now its gay porn still recovering though bout to start the reboot!!!! let me know if your dealing with this or something similar
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    3days no MO/PMO after 19 day streak already disusted with porn

    so today has been very well I wasn't in deep thought about my sexuality I kinda focused on reality today , doing other things... anyway I cam up on a post on Instagram  where they said on valentines day pornhub premium was available free ! I felt this feeling of disgust kinda made me sick. IT...
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    2 days NO PMO/MO prior to 19 days of no pmo - relapse!

    After my first relapse  Yesterday I began my reboot , and today I feel like my mind is makin me feel like I'm possibly gay !! I feel like certain things I think I do or say makes me feel like I'm being backwards AND AGAIN I FEEL INSECURE OF TALKIN OT GIRLS OF MY CHOICE... because I feel that it...
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    MO to gay porn. after 19 days no pmo!!

    Ive been fightng with this thing since 2014 ... I began  just watching regular porn than it led to  different categories on the website  like DT 2 and 1  p**** hole , lesbian,  and the gay.  Which I've  been fighting for two years now. I HATE that I get turn on by it..  It ruins my self esteem I...