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    Day 18

    Today was a great day. No temptation for today. It’s so tempting to compare myself to others and to strive for their approval. Lord, please help me to see myself as You see me, and to realize that I’m already living in Your approval. Thank You that You’re the answer to every one of my problems...
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    Day 17

    Today was a great day. After work I got to spend time with my family. Which is alway make any day better. I had no temptation but I can tell the devil is really want me to fail again. This it not going to happen. I have to many people to lean on and to hold me accountable. I pray every day for...
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    Day 16

    Today was a great day. I have no temptation for today. Dear God I ask that you help me keep my eye focus on what important and not let them wondering around for opportunities that will let fall back into my addiction. God my thoughts clean. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
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    Day 14

    Thank you. I’m 28 now. I’ve start my porn addiction when I was 12. I’ve tried to quit for many year and I’ve never really got away from porn. This is different because I’m not alone.
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    Day 15

    Today was a great day me and my wife have been looking for a new church to be a part of. The church that we went to was definitely an older congregation but we like the preaching it not what we are looking for but we have an idea for what church. I haven’t had any temptation in awhile. I’m so...
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    Day 14

    Today will mark two week free of my porn addiction. My wife is my rock through this road to recovery. I lean on both God and my wife as my strength.
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    Day 13

    Today was a great day. I have no temptation. I just have had a massive headache that won’t go away. I’m so thankful for my wife she is the best person ever.
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    Day 12

    I’m about to hit the two week mark of no porn. I can tell there a lot have change so far. I can tell that my mind is a lot clearer. I’m excited for this journey. I know that God still have a lot of work to do with me.
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    Day 11

    Today is one of those day that im not sure what I want to write down. But I will say this; I was tempted into porn today. But instead I texted my wife and let her know what was going on. I have pray for her strength as she go through this with. I love her so much. She is enough for me. Im the...
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    Day 10

    Today was great. It was the day I start going back to the gym. Just getting back into good old habits that will keep me busy while I’m alone when my wife goes to work in the early in the morning. I’m thankful for my family and my wife. It sad to to a family that is close to my leave but I’m...
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    Day 9

    I want to start off by saying that I’m super great full for my wife. She has been by my side during my road to recovery. I don’t think that I could have done this with out her. I have been think about one word for this year to focus on and my word is freedom. I want freedom from addiction. Free...
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    I have made it one week with out p. So far I’m doing great. I’m constantly praying for strength.
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    Day 7

    Today I did my best to stay busy. I went to the gun range with friends and family, I work on my back yard and I help my cousin pack all their stuff as they get ready to move. Every day I pray for strength for both me and my wife. I love her with all my heart. She will always be enough for me...
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    Day 6

    Today was a good day. I’m great full for my wife. Who is my rock and my greatest supporter and accountability partner in my road to recovery. I pray for strength every day not only for me but my wife and anyone else who is struggling with the battle on p.
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    Day 5

    to get thing start I went to celebrate recovery today. Another door for me to open in my journey to recovery. All day today I don’t want to go, I know that satan was trying to pull me away from everything but every time I felt him pull I start praying. Overall today was a good day
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    Day 4

    Today was a lot better I slept great. Had a great day at work. Haven’t had any temptation today. If had any doubt that I could do this I would start praying for strength.
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    Day 3

    Today will make 3 day on road to recovery of my p addiction so far I haven’t had any temptation which I thank God for that. I’ve been doing my best to stay busy. One thing I’m afraid is relapse, so I’ve been doing everything I can to stay busy.
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    Day 2

    I’m going to be honest today emotionally tough for me. I don’t really have any temptation, but I feel like it was because I was busy with work all day. I’m trying to be more open. So I’ll try; today was the first day of counseling. I feel like it was great a lot was said and glad how everything...
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    Officially day 1

    Today was emotionally hard for me. I look for local support group that I can attend so I don’t have to fight this addiction alone. I’ve noticed that just from day 1 I’m getting back into God word more. One thing I ask is for prayer.
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    Ending a long lasting addiction

    Thank you. Using covenant eye on my phone. It what my pastor recommended to.