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    Sometimes I get headaches after orgasm with girlfriend from oral sex. Notice that I have been in small streaks of Hardmode (20 days max) and being on normal mode(only orgasm from girlfriend) for about 80 days now (porn has been left behind me). I have pied but it does improve every day and have...
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    What are the best rewiring methods?

    Well im in a relationship with that girl 2 weeks, have told her everything about my pied as we couldnt have sex and she told me that she will wait for me even on a 100 Day+ Hard Mode which made me more than just happy. To her sacrifice i reboot myself and do everything in perfect in order to...
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    Easy Mode and pied

    Is anyone actually there Who have beat pied on easy Mode. Easy Mode i mean no pmo no m Just sex and orgasm through that... I can have an erection but cant maintain it for more than 10Mins or so.
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    How does that seems to you?

    First of all, i am trying to quit porn completely for over 3 years. Nowadays im into a 10 month relationship with a girl trying to quit p habit and cure PIED which i made it and now having successful sex. Yet pied isnt cured completely i cant have sex mutliple times in a close period. After a...
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    Cured or not cured?

    So im kinda healed meaning successful sex with a 70-80% erection. Im living with my gf these days AMD we have lots of sex.Problem is that as we go my erections gets softer and hard to achieve so my performance declines.Is this part of healing and rewiring? Should i slow down to sex? We have like...
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    Pied healed DE healed sex life regained

    Hello, my name is George Proudly i have to say that my long live pied and sexual problems (Delayed ejaculation,sexual attraction and numb relationship with my gf) have been healed. Backround Story begins.. So my pmo history starts with me being 5 years old or 6.As strange as it is i was rubbing...
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    So yesterday i was on a no p streak for about 70 days.The thing is that yesterday i watched some vids of some hot girls that aroused me way to much(it wasnt p) and mo'd twice after watching (i can still feel the dopamine rush wtf) i jjst couldnt resist.Today i was making out with my gf but i...
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    little to no sense down there

    So im into no p for about 70days having sensitivity problem down there.The thing is that i havent stop Mo but i have greatly reduce it. Im into a relationship with a girl that knows my problem. I have seen improvement to my sensitivity but no much. Any good suggestions? Im willing to stop MO...
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    Headaches brain fog and depression

    So i havent watch any kind of porn for about 50-60+ days. 3 days ago i put and condom and tried to masturbate kindly as i have some desensitisation over there. Couldnt control it and MO'd 3 times. Woke up like total trash for 2 days with depression brain fog and headaches. After this i got a bj...
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    So im "clean" for about 50days or so (Not hardmode, fapped thrice before 30days no porn).Iim into relationship with a girl and i stopped fapping and porn entirely but im just curious if having orgasms with her (hj and bj) will affect my pied healing process since rebooting and rewiring target to...
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    Circumsision ED and penile sensitivity problems!

    So, im back fighting ed and porn addiction but this time its different!About to end it.. Just found a girlfriend and told her about my problem.She offered to stand next to me and help me get over this.( SO GLAD ABOUT THIS! FIRST PERSON I TALKED ABOUT THIS SHT) The problem is that when she gives...
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    Desensitization Questions looking for answers.

    So im a 19yo and as most of all during oral sex i fel almost nothing besides there is some stimulation but thats only because of the image...Is this desensitization problem that occured to brain or penis or both?Have read "The brain it changes itself" and "How porn affects the brain" book but...
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    Am i hard wired to porn?

    So, im 19 trying quit porn and masturbation habit.Started one year ago and failed so hard due to excess stress from studies..I see myself as an addict to p but as i read other people issues i realised that im not to deep to this.Tried to have sex with a girl but failed minutes later( i had a...
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    guess who's back!?!

    Hello lovely community, its been a long time since i connect,sadly my demons returned more powerful and beat me.For this short period porn had taken over my mind and got me to hell for one more time.What i learned is that this community has helped many people along with me for some days but i...
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    Condoms and PIED

    So im a guy 18 yo who tries to fight his addiction and solve his problem with PIED.Last time a tried to have sex i put condom but my erection went off quickly.So after my reboot will i be able to use a condom normaly while sex?Im really scared thinking of putting a condom again but im afraid...
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    Motivation speach!!

    So you want to watch P and MO...? Think again You are a teen which means you have time to stop this shit and enjoy your life to the fullest Your desire right now is just a trick of your mind poisoned by this addiction.. Think it worth to sacrifice your whole life chained full of...
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    Is this normal?

    So im on 7 days no pmo.Today i got some thoughts of hot girls and porn but it didnt aroused me at all not even a boner!Is this normal? positive or negative?Also porn thoughts are fading but my desire to masturbate doesnt..this time i will get this to 90+days planning for 100atleast with no pmo...
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    How am i supposed to do it?

    Last minutes ago i pmo'd...I dont even know how i got into porn sites masturbating just saw a couple youtube videos and i got turned on without reason and my heart was pumping crazy with my mind push me to visit the f sites.Im so dissapointed of myself this time.How am i supposed to do it.. :( I...
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    M to the O to the no P

    Well yesterday i was so horny that i decided not to watch porn but it did MO and i wasnt fantazising sth with porn but i tried to feel the semsation.That happened after 6 days of pmo.So i wanna ask the same question that has been in this community for infinite times, does it set me back?Im...
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    motivation here