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    Finally did it.

    how long were you addicted to porn?
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    Will slow down or even reverse my PIED recovery?

    Well it was not for a brief moment, I had called out the person (It was on a religioius program and he was harassing people) and reported the pic to google. My PIED healing progress keeps going up and down really, last month I had 12 days where it basically was gone fully, then I had another wet...
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    Will slow down or even reverse my PIED recovery?

    I am thankfully at an almost 180 day streak to heal PIED, and I have been avoiding all porn like the boogieman. However this morning I accidentally saw a porn PFP on youtube and though I did not get aroused (which would have worried me had I not known that other porn addict recoverers noticed...
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    Supplements to help PIED

    I see, 10 years worth of addiction takes usuallly like 9-15 months to heal. just keep pushing through
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    Supplements to help PIED

    Ok but how long have you been addicted to porn?
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    A question about PIED and OCD I haven't seen asked (any experts here to help?)

    So I have OCD and got PIED in October 2020, and through trial and error managed to get my current streak of 150+ days PMO free, to the point of not even desiring porn anymore (but of course not wanting porn doesn't fix PIED). and during my streak, more so in the latter half of my current...
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    is this a sign of healing?

    So I currently am in a very depressing flatline after having a total of 12 days last month of basically being healed then going back to 0 for some reason. However in this 2 week and 1 days flatline (as of now) I noticed that a lot of my memory of porn usage is gone or at least now hidden, that...
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    Day 150|I felt almost healed for 25% of the month|I hope I heal soon|I'm content

    This last month was somehow the best in terms of progress yet at the same time I had the worst flatlines. I started off month 4 in the middle of a terrible phase of losing literally every healing sign for almost 9 days; no MW, NW, NRB, libido, hope, etc. Yet at the end of it I went through a...
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    Ok what the heck is going on with my recovery

    about 5-6 weeks ago I suffered an extremely terrible withdrawal phase where for about 10 days I just was assaulted by high anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress-starving, lack of boners of any kind, intense flashbacks and intrusive thoughts, and soooo much more stuff. Then after that, about 5-4...