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    What are some of your favorite apps that help you with your recovery? Would you care to share some of them?
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    Daily Challenge

    What are the things that you consider to be your daily challenges? How do you make sure that you overcome these? I know its hard for some to experience this daily.
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    What is something that you look forward to in spring or summer? What do you think is the season to do your favorite activities?
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    I have terrible OCD coupled with my crippling anxiety  and it is affecting my life. Sometimes I think about things that are not real. I want to get over it. How can I do it? Do you have suggestions?
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    Keep feeling like I'm not good enough

    I've come to realise that my confidence goes up when I don't care what people think about me. Especially with dating, the more conscious I was of my worth, the less confident I became. When I am just being myself without fearing people's opinions, I am sure of who I am and that makes me...
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    Mastubation problem during COVID quarantine

    I have masturbated many time like 3-4x a day because of Quarantine, I dont know what to do at home. ANyone who has experienced this and how did you overcome it?
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    Control during COVID Lockdown

    During the COVID outbreak it has been tough control yourself from doing and watching porn. What have you done in the past that help you control your urges during the time you were lockdown?
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    Do you think most guys masturbate?

    Most guys will masturbate with porn/artificial artificial sexual stimulation much more than without it. So if most guys today masturbate, and if most guys today masturbate to porn/artificial sexual stimulation, then how is there not much more of a problem?