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    Losing erection 1 - 2 mins post arousal.

    It's normal. Happened with me too! Probably PIED
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    Starting a new journey to recovery

    I love that Marcus Aurelius quote. Thank you!
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    I need to up my game.

    I am with you, man. Just feel the anxiety. Just feel it into the very ground of your being. Don't escape. The goal is to relieve ourselves of all self-medication and to stare into the face of reality, smilingly and unflinchingly. I believe in you.
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    So this is my start of rebooting.

    I believe in you. Next time you get the urge to watch porn, remember "If getting upset about something unpleasant is like being bitten by a snake, desiring to grasp for what seems pleasant is like grabbing the snake's tail- sooner or later, it will bite you".
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    The struggle towards freedom

    Hey, man, we're here for you. Congratulations on Day 8. I wish you all the self-compassion that you can afford on this journey. Self-compassion isn't self-pity but it is simply warmth and concern and good wishes for yourself just like compassion for another person. Don't be too hard on yourself...
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    Journey To Nirvaana !!!

    Hey, Ajinkya! That's great. I got my first MW on the 11th day of the reboot- it was extremely mild at first but later it improved. Good luck!
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    #2 Okay, something a bit strange is happening. During the first 120 days of my hard mode reboot, I had a total of 3 wet dreams. After those 120 days, in the last 12 days, I have had 3 wet dreams. The pace of these wet dreams seems to have been accelerated all of a sudden and it feels weird. Wet...
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    Thank you Ziga! Good luck to you too!
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    Craving every (real) woman I see

    Yes, I understand that. One trick that I personally find helpful for me is to try and look into the eyes of random women than to let my eyes wander over their body with the usual sexual thoughts. I haven't been too good at doing this but still, I try to maintain it as much as possible. It does...
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    Numbing Your Emotions

    Yes, it happens. It happened to me too. The sole reason to watch porn became so that I could escape my emotions of stress. After quitting it feels like a reservoir of emotions had burst out in my heart. Still feel numb during flatlines but that's part and parcel of the game.
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    LevelHead Thread

    March onwards, we are together!
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    Orbiters Journal of Recovery

    I really like the seeing someone 1x per week suggestion. Seems helpful. Will surely try to incorporate that in my schedule somewhere down the line.
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    Journey To Nirvaana !!!

    Hey, Ajinkya! I used to have those intense urges of masturbation too whenever I used to be in the early stages of a porn-vacation. But gradually they subsided over time. Just trust the process, they will subside for you too. Hang in there- don't escape. Hope this helps!
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    Trying Again at Age 27

    We believe in you, Savagesauce. Quitting is possible and you will do it.
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    Hello, fellow rebooters. I am a 22-year-old male and I have been on this forum for the last 4 months or so. I was initially a 'lurker' but then I started participating in some threads and today I decided to open up my journal- just because I felt like it. I have been addicted to pornography...
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    Need helpp guyss

    Not if you're on a normal mode reboot
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    My Reboot Journal

    Hey, Redalc! Our stories are very similar. We're the same age, we started watching porn at the same age and are almost at the same day of reboot(122nd day here). I have PIED too. Let's see how things pan out. Good luck
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    5+ months Reboot seeking help ?

    Hey, everyone! This is a really interesting thread. Stiffy, my story is very similar to you, man! I'm currently at 4 months hard-mode. I used to have 11-12 days of regular MW and now I haven't had one in some time. I will honestly say that it does feel like things are getting worse.The only...