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  1. Fappy

    Does it get any better?

    it gets so much better, trust everyone who says that it does. its really someting to look forward to. even though its hard now the payoffs are well worth it.
  2. Fappy

    How long does it take to recover from porn addiction

    the standard time for addiction recovery is 90 days. but remember everyone is different, it might take you half that time, it might take several years. a lot of it depends on how long youve been abusing porn and the damage its done to your brain.
  3. Fappy

    Deep flatline - freaking out

    thats the thing about flatlines, you cant really predict when they will end. could be tomorrow, could be next month, next year. it makes no sense to get stressed over it, becasue then with the stress and anxiety you may resort to stupid things to try and test your cock - such as peeking at a few...
  4. Fappy

    Need Some Clarification

    for me, about a month or so if i remember correctly. but that by no means suggests i was cured, oh no. i was able to have sex with my wife, sure, but the plethora of non-sexual damage remained. extremely low dopamine levels, brain fog, depression, anxiety, lethargy, feeling like shit in the...
  5. Fappy


    if youre using her as a substitute for porn, even if she wasnt married with kids, its not very good is it. its sort of playing to the way porn absue has caused you to objectify women and see them only as sex objects. im guessing if you end it with her youll feel better about yourself.
  6. Fappy

    Weird reboot Day 7

    a wet dream isnt a relapse. youre fine
  7. Fappy

    Is It OK to MO Not Using Porn? Or Will That Disrupt Your Reboot?

    if you arent doing hard mode then there isnt anything wrong with it. i did, and it didnt adversely effect my reboot. in face, having a toss got me out of a few flatlines that wouldve lasted longer had i not jerked it. but jsut dont force it, like dont thrash the shit out of your willy just to...
  8. Fappy

    Day 14 reboot

    just be sure to look away or close the window immediately when you come across such pics
  9. Fappy

    After 90 days libido didn't come back

    have there been non sexual improvements? you might find, as i did, that the non-sexual benefits actually far outweighed the sexual ones. these included no feelings of crushing fatigue in the mornings or afternoons, better overall mood, i could enjoy things more, i was friendlier and more...
  10. Fappy

    After 90 days libido didn't come back

    the 90 day mark isnt some magical number that everyone gets to and is cured. its just the industry standard time frame for beating a addiction, but its not set in stone. the 90 days is great, but you may just be needing more time to recover. it seems like your body is telling you to give it...
  11. Fappy

    Question pocket pussy

    it could be beneficial to you, but as was said, looking for one online might get you into some provocative images so just be prepared to deal with that. ive used one before, because why not. but as with everything like this just dont overdo it and make yourself dependent on it.
  12. Fappy

    PAWS or 2nd flatline?

    Sorry, what is PAWS?
  13. Fappy

    Getting myself right!

    well done on the 8 days. yeah its good that youre learning about what triggers you, thats going to be a massive help. also its great that youre constantly researching things, by understadning what your brain is doing and how the addiction works it can give you a good handle on things. keep it up...
  14. Fappy

    Broke my 8 day streak…

    your porn-fucked brain will always be able to justify looking at it. it can come up with all sorts of sneaky tricks to get you to give it what it wants. you can expect that it will attempt to do this again in the future. but you can stop it in its tracks before it can take hold of u. by...
  15. Fappy

    Question for people who have been here before

    sounds like a flatline, dont worry its normal and a necessary part of the process. my advice is to embrace it. it shouyld be refreshing not to be constantly thinking about sex and desiring anything sexual, jsut let your cock die for a while and relax. itll be back sooner or later.
  16. Fappy

    Definitely feel addicted but...

    because youre adicted to it maybe? how long have you been into porn and have you ever tried quitting before?
  17. Fappy

    Did I relapse?

    not a relapse. you didnt conciously seek out porn for the purpose of wanking to, their was no intent to PMO.
  18. Fappy

    I am having Weaker Erection

    if youre a habitual porn user then yes, it is most likely related to your porn consumption if you dont have any physical disorders which may be effecting your cock. and yes, 100% yes if you stick to your reboot you will get your willy back for sure
  19. Fappy

    What’s happening?

    it oculd very well be a flatline given your time into the reboot. also the mood changes suggest a flatline. dont worry itll pass soon, just try to ride it out
  20. Fappy

    Don’t know where to start

    get yourself a copy of hte book, Your Brain on Porn - its a great place to start and will answer all of your questions. familiarise yourself with all the information on this site as well. its very difficult, at least at the start, to curb the urges. escpecially if youve been into porn for a...