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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    Very helpful to read all of these posts, what a good inspiration you are, GBS ! Hang in there. I feel like a real champ after just going through month of January porn FREE! Didn't think I could do it.
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    1st time trying journaling

    Thanks T.A.N., that's good helpful info to know.
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    1st time trying journaling

    I agree, it IS a good post. Very inspiring. I haven't built the nerve to start my own journal as of yet. Just to add a comment about some who seem to relapse quite often, it is not failure to have to keep on trying to quit a "bad" behavior, the real failures are those who never even give it an...
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    :sneaky: Hey I'm over 60 by a few years, GBS, and your story sounds somewhat similar to mine. I've been P free since the New Year (resolution of course) and actually feel much better about myself and so far it hasn't been all that least to this point. I didn't think I'd make it...
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    Journey to Quit Porn

    "Never stop trying to quit" is a good strategy for people to stop smoking (another bad habit I overcame many years ago) and I think it would apply here as well for all of us fighting these PMO demons.
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    Crawling from the wreckage

    Hang in there, dude, I'm just starting this journey and you're a good inspiration for the rest of us!
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    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    Interesting posts from you guys & gals, thanks for sharing thoughts and experiences about our similar "issues". I'm just getting started with no" P" (New Years resolution) and already feel very encouraged to continue on this path to a better ME.
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    Day 1?

    I'm new on here as well, first day actually. It's good to find that others are struggling with same or similar behaviors as myself, hopefully we can benefit much from sharing in our struggles.