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    PMO help

    Hi @Crackers1 First, I’d encourage you to continue to seek help from a psychiatrist/therapist. You’ve mentioned struggling with anxiety and depression and being manic, and it would be wise to seek out a professional who can help you address those and they could help you figure out if there are...
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    What's the longest flatline you've experienced?

    You’re free to give your opinion, but please stop saying masturbation without porn and/or sex are considered relapses. They’re not. For many rebooters, the goal is to be able to have sex or masturbate without being dependent on porn for arousal. This is a porn addiction and porn-induced sexual...
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    Advice on the best path to recovery

    A reboot is only abstaining from artificial sexual stimulation (i.e. porn), and there is no set time for recovery, as everyone is different. Whether or not individuals have sex, masturbate without porn, and use non-sexual social media, is up to each individual to decide. Also, many have...
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    Sexual arousal template vs sexual orientation

    It’s my understanding from what I’ve read in the literature that sexual orientation is innate, while the “sexual arousal template” can be influenced by external sexual conditioning. If interested in some research regarding sexual conditioning, check out these links...
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    Porn is not an option

    Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment, @Blondie! 💪🏼💙 And thanks for using the wisdom and insight you’ve gained on your recovery journey to help and inspire others. The world, and RN, is a better place because of you. Hope the best for you. Much love and keep truckin’
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    Porn addiction and sexual orientation

    No. However, chronic porn consumption can have an impact on the arousal template in the brain, which is not the same as changing innate orientation. Read this page for more...
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    Battle Journal

    Hey @Skittelz, just wanted to say I'm proud of you and rooting for you. Most people never muster up the courage to even acknowledge their issues, much less face them. Be kind to yourself. I believe you'll keep finding those pieces one at a time, and eventually come out the other side a more...
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    No. This is not a relapse. First, a relapse is intentionally looking at porn (cards against humanity isn't porn. Could it be considered a cue? One could try and make that argument, but I'd disagree, as it is not reinforcing the behavior or seeking sexual content for arousal). Second, a...
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    Dating during reboot - Is it Okay or no way?

    A reboot is a break from artificial sexual stimulation (porn). There isn’t a certain amount of time that defines a reboot. Whether or not you have sexual contact with a real person during a reboot is up to each individual rebooter.
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    20 Something Reboot

    Just got back from the gym and this was the first post I see! haha.. Love it @SmokenMirrors, congrats on your progress in this journey! Keep truckin' and I hope the best for you! Much love.
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    This has to stop. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

    Great to hear of your progress, @JerryTX! Staying connected with a local group sounds like a very good plan. Hope the best for you and look forward to seeing you pop in from time to time :cool: Much love
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    The path towards a new life

    Glad you're here, Josh! It sounds like you've identified a couple problems to tackle and are off to a great start. Putting energy into healthy activities is the best strategy for not only the reboot, but life. Keep truckin'. I hope the best for you.
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    After 46 days

    Masturbating without porn is not a "relapse." Read this from our Basics Of Rebooting page: ------------------------------------------ If addiction-related brain changes or sexual conditioning are underlying your symptoms, you need to reverse the process by giving your brain a well deserved...
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    Is It OK to MO Not Using Porn? Or Will That Disrupt Your Reboot?

    A reboot is a complete rest from artificial stimulation (porn). You can MO and orgasm if you want. Porn is the only thing you need to avoid for it to be considered a "reboot." However, successful rebooters offer different opinions and advice. I suggest reading this from our Basics of Rebooting...
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    Lifetime of porn use, but ready for the best part of my life to begin

    Extremely proud of you, @Onmyway19! So awesome to read your thoughts on your journey to a better life. Thanks for being here and sharing that with us. Keep truckin' and I hope the best for you! Much love
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    Where "some" of the blame lies in my case

    This forum is a place for healing and help. This section is for partners of addicts/rebooters to ask questions and get support.
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    20 Something Reboot

    Not a fail. No, don't reset your day count. Consider it a sign the system works and keep truckin'. 😎I made a video covering this a while back you may find helpful: Reboot FAQ: Wet Dreams, Porn Dreams, Morning Wood Much love and hope the best for you, @SmokenMirrors