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    My Journal of My Self Healing

    Attempt 1, Day 4-9: It's a long time I don't post anything here. In general, I've been holding something, but I'm still have temptations to watch that. I've thinking about a porn movie I saw before, not completely, but I got interest because of its fantasy and context , nothing heavy, more...
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    To Infinity and Beyond (M, 25)

    Hey man, how are you! My opinion is that it's not a problem to M once in a while, and it's normal to see woman and have desire. The point is to live with that and not to watch P, that's the complicated. As @anonymousdude said, it's good to focus what are you doing, with music or even with the...
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    14 year addiction ends now

    I liked yours tory anonymousdude, I expect that we surpass this and can show others how bad these content are! Be careful with the time alone, that's best worst moments to relapse!
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    My Journal of My Self Healing

    Attempt 1, Day 2-3: I've tried to avoid any thought that compromise me, but it's been difficult. I had to avoid these thoughts, but it came all time when I'm distracted and I want to touch my genitalia. (I work at home and I'm alone these days kkk) A few time ago, I had a desire to watch some...
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    Making my journal to surpass P vicious and sexual problems...

    Making my journal to surpass P vicious and sexual problems:
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    Journey to Freedom

    Hi Sheggz, that's good you are dedicated to be free from porn, I support that! Was The comic book you read a pornography one or had some explicit content? I don't expect that we'll be totally free from sexual contents, lower one even, in movies, cartoons, adds etc. The world today has lots of...
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    Day 7 Need Support {restart}

    Hi Arun!!! I understand your pain, I passed for the same situation, but I delayed to perceive the problem as you perceived! It's far from too late for you, you will thanks yourself for that you're doing today! I suggest to do other activities as exercises; meditation; reading (that I'm not...
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    Let's begin a new journey

    Hi ChasingMyDreams, I'm liking your posts, congrats! Keep it up! I started it now to be free from that, I'm a little older and I'm single too. I expect we have a great 2022 after that!!!
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    My Journal of My Self Healing

    Attempt 1, Day 1: I didn't have bigger problemas until now, but my mind recalls many memories about sexual desires, many of them are from porns I watched before. As I updated on first descrption, I didn't watch to much porn, but the problem is when I have more sexual desire and not always have...
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    My Journal of My Self Healing

    Thanks Thanatos, I expect to get success in this Journey! rsrsrs
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    My Journal of My Self Healing

    Hi, I'm going to start this Journal. I'm brazilian, 28 years old, single and I'll try to post some days my trying to recover my mind from sexual problems I have, mainly related to pornography. Recently I'm not watching that so much, but I feel that I don't have more desire as before because...