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  1. vigilantwarrior

    Rediscovering reasons to live

    Day 1 I have been here once before, and there's no more time I can waste or postpone on this. I am stuck in a vicious cycle, one that I think even those who are prone to say "anything goes" might say "you need some help". I'm scary-addicted to porn. Within a weekend it wouldn't be surprising...
  2. vigilantwarrior

    My Aggressive Pursuit of a Great Life

    Journal Entry 1 ? Mon, 3/28 Getting Current What's up guys!! So I want to introduce myself to everyone while I start my journey through this journal. I?m 26 and have tried to quit porn for 10 years, which feels pretty insane. I?ve put a lot more energy into it for the past 5 years, and yet I...