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  1. bob

    Ogling, an ingrained male trait?

    The word in question is Ogle Ogle, verb: To stare at in a lecherous manner. As in, "he was ogling her breasts" Synonyms: To leer at, To stare at, To make eyes at, To check out, This has been on my mind a lot lately. I hope writing will help clarify this typically male characteristic...
  2. bob

    Accountability partners

    Greetings, I am curious if anyone has any comments regarding anonymity with AP. I have a potential AP that is really worried about anonymity. He has a lot of trust issues and really doesn't what to reveal much about his personal life. I too am concerned about revealing too much information...
  3. bob

    Yes I Can!

    This is it. While not entirely new to this I am now back! 60+ years old and I have not gone without pmo or mo for more than 24 hours, over the past 45 years. It wasn't everyday. When I started (at 8 years old?) but I made up for it later. I started with magazines and progressed through all...