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  1. Gracie

    Keeping communication open with partner

    It is good to have open communication with her. However, you should have someone you can talk to about you, your progress and why you turn to porn. A counselor that understands this is best.
  2. Gracie

    "My Life As a Porn Addict"

    Have to have subscription to read.
  3. Gracie

    Article New York Post

    The information is getting out there! Disappointed Gabe and his efforts were not mentioned. This site with support not mentioned either. But porn addiction is being brought out.
  4. Gracie

    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    So knowing how my views are received, I will comment on pics etc. For me it was the decline of his relationship with me that made me view it as cheating. Our intimate life took a decided nose dive. He chose the things he looked at and his hand over me. Thinking about them over me. To me it...
  5. Gracie

    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    GBS I read your thread and I see where I could have been as a wife. I felt the pain, the whys, the what the hell do I do nows. Most of us that have had to deal with an addicted other have had the same or similar experiences. What caused me to stay and work on our marriage? I loved him. No...
  6. Gracie

    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    Do you and Mrs share the same counselor? How long have you been in counseling? Is there no talk of a joint session so the two of you could communicate with guidance? I would think this is warranted after the tremendous passage of time.
  7. Gracie

    Need help

    I am well, what do you need help with? We are here to listen, provide resources etc. Please reach out.
  8. Gracie

    Finding My Way Back - slowly

    @ImBroken good to hear from you. I think sharing your recovery is inspiring and so truthful. I agree with the it’s not about you misnomer. When we were pre-porn I was his sole outlet for sex. There were were little signs sort of undetected by me. I felt we were solid. ages were 33 me 29...
  9. Gracie

    Reminiscing vs fantasy during recovery

    When my husband and I had sex it was eyes open 👀 every time. It helped me and him reconnect.
  10. Gracie

    Holding the Fool (me) to Account

    Your day yesterday sounded awesomely fun! We have had no snow yet🙁,! But I am hopeful! Connection to family is key I think to refocus on what is important. Just being an SO I can tell that when I feel thoughts of the past, picking up my grandson and heading to the park really takes them...
  11. Gracie

    I need help. Please read and reply if you are able.

    Jellybean, Yes I have been where you are. I have felt pretty much everything you have felt. All of your words are familiar. And if you have read for a while through SO threads you can see the screwed up bag of feelings,anger,compassion, worry that we all feel. Your feelings are real. Do not...
  12. Gracie

    A quote that hit home

    @ImBroken when those words came at the end of Madeoff I actually backed the video up so that I got the exact words. Both sentences. Why? Because when my husband and I got married, I had told him and continued to tell him things no one ever knew about me and my thoughts. I ran toward the end...
  13. Gracie

    A quote that hit home

    I just thought now that some have read this I would tell you the documentary. It was at the end of Madoff: The Monster of Wall St. So it referred to people that trusted him with their life savings. I just wanted you to know it was not a psychologist, or people impacted by porn. I felt though...
  14. Gracie

    Excited to be free

    Great news to hear!
  15. Gracie

    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    My husband and I did the every other day some sort of intimacy during our figuring out phase. It helped a lot. I always felt like I needed that.
  16. Gracie

    Pretty dumb, for a smart guy.

    Something I use in my work is people text Each other. It takes voice tone out. And you communicate. My husband sends me a text every morning. Sometimes it is hooray for hump day. And then we have F#[email protected] it Friday and many more. Communicate even this opens a door
  17. Gracie

    A quote that hit home

    There are a lot partners struggling with D day or how they found out the important person in their life used porn for what ever reason. And in my threads and many postings, I have outlined my experiences from discovery to the present. A documentary I watched yesterday day had this quote and it...
  18. Gracie

    Reflecting back on 10 1/2 years

    @ImBroken it always humbles me when I help someone. That means the walk I have been is not without purpose. For SOs there are not a lot of resources to access. And if there are any, there is a cost, and they very greatly. Is it co-dependence? Betrayal trauma? Depression? Bat shit crazy...
  19. Gracie

    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    Thanks! I enjoy seeing us all!
  20. Gracie

    Another story - probably the same as everyone else

    Thanks! It is interesting to see us all!