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    Hi Guys, I wanted to name this thread "edger" b/c that is what I am right now, literally today. But w/ my new positive slant on life (thanks UK), I decided to name it "ex-edger" b/c that is what I will be someday. I feel like a hypocrite right now. I feel like a faker. Like, who am I to advise...
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    How about an Eastern approach?

    Hi Guys (including Gabe), The premise of rebooting here seems to be to go cold turkey (Western)- that there's no gradual approach that works. I'm not trying to generate an argument here. Let's just ask-- "What if?" What if there was an Eastern approach that works?  What could work? For me (a...
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    If it quacks like a duck

    Hi Guys, I've been watching young men like Gabe faced repeatedly w/ the idea that porn is not an addiction. It is said all the thousands of accounts here are anecdotal, placebo effect, questionable science, moral claims, mental issues... But when I look at my own story and those of the many I've...
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    Quick thanks to Gabe

    Hi guys, I'm brand new here. I'm starting w/ a quick thanks to Gabe for the idea of moving my laptop. My reclining chair is a trigger for me. Duh!  I'm at the kitchen table now and I'm only going to use the recliner for reading and reboot stuff.