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    Finally, I'm doing this…

    Hey mate. Just read a chunk of your journal. Saying 'I'm in a tough spot because of my religious beliefs' - I guess your faith make you feel extra guilty? Faith can be helpful too, because a lot of people I see who recover have a place to go where there hearts and soul can be happy. We need...
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    Dealing with Shame, PIED and Addiction!

    Hey, Nico. Read a chunk of your thread. You're doing great work. You're doing great! Well done on the streak (y)
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    Samurai journey: I WILL tame my 'sword'

    I like this. Well done on your streak. What will you do differently next time to stop history repeating? I've read a bit of your thread; what things are you doing for recovery, other than being on the forum and vowing not to watch porn? Have a great day, mate.
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    successful recovery

    Hi peeps. Recovered PA here. Have been on the forum in the past under an old email. Was addicted for many years and worked on recovery for many years. I did a few courses (Mark Queppet, Noah Church, Fight the new Drug - some that come to mind), read probably over 100 self help books, got into...