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  1. Fappy

    Advantages of Hard Mode

    Hi All. Sexually i have achieved the results i wanted out of my reboot. I no longer suffer from ED and i feel a heightened sense of intimacy while having sex. This was not in hard mode so i still masturbated in between having sex. Of course without any visual stimulation, but still...
  2. Fappy

    Interesting Article: Men and Porn

    Hi all, I just read this article on an Australian News site concerning men and porn. Theres a mention of but none of Reboot Nation! Blasphemy! Anyway, Russel Brandt has something to say in it. Enjoy...
  3. Fappy

    Name your Shame [edited, cleaned up]

    This is a thread where you can clear your conscious of any porn addiction related actions you are not particularly proud of. We have all got some. Ive probably got more than you. An important part of the reboot process is to acknowledge the regret and shame of your addiction. [Moderators...