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  1. Gracie

    My husband/boyfriend uses porn

    This is from my husband and my go to seven years ago.  There was not much out there that did not blame me.  The whole site is helpful!
  2. Gracie

    Why kick porn?

    Here is information from one of my and my husband's go to in the begining.  7 years ago there was not much in the way of information. EDIT: fixed link - Gabe
  3. Gracie

    Read the new sticky above

    The sticky I posted above is a study about how porn use affects wives.  It shows our feeligs are not crazy.  We are not "losing it".  It was very empowering to read. To all the new partners here, you have come to the right place.  We will listen and help as we can.  You are not alone. To the...
  4. Gracie

    Reason to quit

    To all the men here, please use Father's Day as a day to lock in that commitment to recover from porn.  Do it for yourself, do it for your children.  You are the living example of how to be a Dad.  When porn is in your brain, there is not a lot left over.  I don't think anyone want their...
  5. Gracie

    Gaming disorder This links shows the World Health Organization wants Gaming Disorder recognized as a mental health problem.  How can porn addiction not be looked at for inclusion.  Read, they look like twins.
  6. Gracie

    What is happening here at RB?

    I do not know what is happening here at RB.  But when it first started, it was a welcoming place for rebooters and partners alike.  We encouraged and supported one another.  I have been here since the beginning.  Men would post in partner comments not because they wanted to call us names, or...
  7. Gracie

    Opinion piece on Sexual harassent

    I found this on internet today, a good place to start to turning the tide! Showing there could  be another way to be!
  8. Gracie

    Weinstein etc. in the news

    Do any of the others here that have endured past abuse find themselves being triggered by the events in the news?  I remember all of that and then how when I married my husband that there would be no more sexual harm.  Then we have the whole porn thing occur in our marriage and I felt so duped...
  9. Gracie

    Article on addiction

    I am posting this here as sometimes some SOs do not read elsewhere in the forum.  There is a great article about the science of addiction in the new September National Geographic.  It is very good.  You can recognize what happens in porn addiction.  It especially talks about triggers.  Good read.
  10. Gracie

    Article on addiction

    The September National Geographic has a great article about the science of addiction.  It just came in the mail this week.  It talks about everything Gary Wilson does.  It also says that science is helping put behavioral addictions in as addictions.  Generally only addiction to alcohol and drugs...
  11. Gracie

    Excuses, rationalizations

    As a partner, I and the others frequently get frustrated reading some of the comments here at RBN made by PAs.  And, I am sure that the same is true of some of our comments to the PAs here.  Most frustrating of all though is the information put out that it is not us.  We could be......whoever...
  12. Gracie

    Best changes in partner and relationship and you during and after reboot?

    We are closer.  We are getting better at communicating.  He spends time talking to people.  He loves life.  I have found out how strong I am.  More to follow.
  13. Gracie

    Great podcast on porn addiction for partners and addicts by Sue Johnson

    Credit goes to Applejack for finding and posting link.  It is a podcast so only listen.  It has helped many here.  Listen and tell us what you think...
  14. Gracie

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day to all the fathers.  Know that your children and wives love you.  May that help you as you walk your path to freedom from porn.
  15. Gracie

    MOVED: 10 days in, feel like crap!

    This topic has been moved to Porn Addiction .
  16. Gracie

    What it feels like for a partner

    I have moved this topic from Porn Addiction.  I have removed the posts not helpful to new partners that are seeking answers to their pain.  I have left in the numerous names that have been used by one person that has posted hurtful statements detrimental to a partner's healing so they might...
  17. Gracie

    Sometimes I get discouraged

    Why do I get discouraged?  It makes me sad to see all the men that bemoan their addiction.  There are men on YBR that have had hundreds of thousands of views of their journal  and they still struggle.  Some were there 6 yrs ago when I started this journey and they are still there.  Complaining...
  18. Gracie

    New study on porn and those who watch

    Here are links to study and presentation: Here is article from a news site:  (I did...
  19. Gracie

    New study published

    Here are links to study and presentation: Here is article from a news site:  (I did...
  20. Gracie

    Copy of post by Gracie in Porn Addiction

    Here is what I posted in response to apology in Porn Addiction by someone who posted using many different names and was brutal to our partner members and supporters:  (it is a little long) That's the problem with saying words, writing words that are designed to throw the blame on someone else...