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  1. ShadeTrenicin

    My journal, my friend

    Hey Imsor. Once again congrats with the pregnancy. Truly happy for both of you. Regarding the intimacy; there will be a period of less or even no sex. Regarding the MO, what are you afraid of? Is it fear of fantasizing about P like things? Also what would normal, healty fantasy mean for you...
  2. ShadeTrenicin

    I've finally stopped. Now to hold on. My story to recovery

    Hey guys, Thanks for your well wishes! Everything on this end is going pretty well actually. Although I had a slip up 19 days ago, i'm doing great. In fact the Mrs and I finally had sex yesterday and it was amazing. It has been 18 months. This is of course also due to the fact that after 13...
  3. ShadeTrenicin

    Donate link missing

    Hey Guys, I remember a while back that i saw a banner or link either here or on YBOP, about donating because (i forgot the institutions/persons name) was being sued by the porn industry or something? Anyway, i wanted to donate but couldnt find the link and googling also didnt help. Can...
  4. ShadeTrenicin

    Wife of ST posting here

    Hello everyone, First an introduction: I?m the wife of shadetrenicin, who has been posting on this forum. I?m also not a native english speaker. Today I felt the need to write and share my story and my personal struggles as well as our struggles. This is posted with shadetrenicins permission...
  5. ShadeTrenicin

    Inspirational video

    Hi everyone. I've been following a woman named Tara Brach on youtube and she's helped me a lot in terms of finding out where my pain is and how to reconcile with it. It tought me to forgive myself and nurture my pain from addiction. She's a psychologist that views aspects of life through a...
  6. ShadeTrenicin

    I've finally stopped. Now to hold on. My story to recovery

    Hi everybody, This is my first post as part of a journal I want to keep here. I'm a Dutch guy, in his mid-thirties and I am addicted to porn, specifically webcamporn. Last week I finally told my wife, who thought I've stopped doing it since 8 years ago. But in truth I was addicted. It took me...