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  1. mousemat1

    This time, I have to succeed.

    Here we go again! I have to beat this addiction. I apologise in advance, I'm going to post my progress every day (time permitting). I'm posting my progress, more for myself than for others to see. If it benefits anyone else, then I'll be very happy. I haven't masturbated for two weeks. This...
  2. mousemat1

    Sissy porn.

    I just need some advice and a little support from anybody else whose addiction led them to sissy porn? If you don?t know what it is, don?t let your curiosity get the better of you. Do not look for it! If you have escalated to the use of this disgusting genre, have you managed to rid yourself of...
  3. mousemat1

    Long Reboot

    I need some advice from anyone who has taken a long time to recover. I'm on Day 224 of my reboot. I haven't looked at anything pornographic, nor fantasised for the whole time. I have masturbated 5 times over this period (the longest gap between masturbation has been 70 days). I don't feel like...
  4. mousemat1

    The Monkey On My Back

    I discovered porn when I was about 13 years old. I found my dad?s stash of porn magazines and my turbulent affair with porn began. A few years later and most homes had a VHS recorder. My friends were able to get their hands on some grainy videos of porn and they would get passed around. I...
  5. mousemat1

    The Grim Reaper in my shorts!

    I've just completed day 66 and I've noticed that my HOCD has pretty much disappeared as has my desire to look at porn. I'm not going to be complacent about this because I know that the urge to look at porn can creep up unexpectedly so I have to remain vigilant. The only thing I have to report...
  6. mousemat1

    The Battle Still Rages.

    This has been one of the most difficult struggles I've ever had to face. I've been suffering with PIED for about 4 years now. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful woman but our sex life has been non existent for almost 3 years. I feel so guilty that she's had to endure this for so long. I'm 53...