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  1. Fappy


    Enjoy the flatline. Your cock has caused you enough trouble already just let it die for a while, teach it a lesson. Then when you’re body is ready, it’ll be back from the dead, a resERECTION if you will... heh...
  2. Fappy

    Not Sure What’s Going On

    Given your age it’s more than likely PIED. But the good news is that you’re not fucked! You’ve gotten onto the problem early and need to rewrite your brain. This is the quickest, safest and 100% foolproof way of fixing yourself. Get to it !
  3. Fappy


    Great work, but don’t get complacent!
  4. Fappy

    3 Hours

    That’s quite a binge, expect to experience the dreaded “porn hangover” or “chaser effect” very soon. It’s when you’ll get attacked by very strong urges, but it will pass and get easier
  5. Fappy

    I'm proud of you guys

    Yes! That! Real men don’t jerk themselves to pixels on a screen!
  6. Fappy


    These are great, and should be a great help to everyone
  7. Fappy

    On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again

    Ten days is great. You’ve been in control this long so don’t fuck it up by doing anything dumb!
  8. Fappy

    On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again

    37 days is pretty good! thats the thing with these porn blockers; the addiction-fucked part of your brain will ALWAYS find a way to get around them. watching porn on your ps4 is not an option! thats an order from me, Fappy!
  9. Fappy

    Ready for a change

    welcome! thats a good plan. start slowly and get your (sexy) confidence back. slowly slowly catchy monkey. rewire your brain to the intimacy that you feel with your wife, over time youll start getting rock hard just by hugging, fondling, using toys, vegetables, lubricants, etc extended foreplay...
  10. Fappy

    Don't hide it, confess it! ... to your son?

    thats a really dangerous thing to do, confessing your porn addiction to your son. it might fuck them up knowing their dad was into that... no way. you can educate them about it, but be subtle. dont say that you have had the problem or still have the problem, they wouldnt be able to process it...
  11. Fappy

    iam new & i need help

    hello, how long is a "long time"? are you experiencing any other symptoms such as depression, anxiety, irritability, things associated with porn addiction. have you ever tried to stop looking at it before? if so what was your longest streak? if you could name three triggers that cause you to...
  12. Fappy

    Journey begins, general questions

    i actually found that wanking helped to curb the urges to PMO. no, i have no expereince with any willy enhancing meds. if there is a blood flow problem or some other physical problem with your cock then a doctor may be able to advise you on that, but if the dick problem is purely realted to...
  13. Fappy

    Try R.E.L.A.X. – A technique to control urges!

    theres no such thing as a miniscule change buddy! if it works for you, use it! there will always be visual cues, and its impossible to ignore them all. coming up with ways and strategies to accept the visual cues and deal with them is the key
  14. Fappy

    Not sure where to start...

    excellent. you are dead right, its when you get complacent about your progress that it gets you. its a real sneaky little fucker and will trick you to slip up and give it that hit. dont get fooled!
  15. Fappy


    this is a good idea, it gets all that junk out of your head and helps you to focus. not to mention inspires others!
  16. Fappy

    Journey begins, general questions

    Hi Biz. Congrats on th efour days, thats a long time when youve got PMO addiction. In my case, i was successful despite masturbating throughout my whole reboot. obviously not to porn, but it didnt detrimentally effect me. if its not to any artificial stimuli, then why not?
  17. Fappy

    Rebooting my sexbrain!

    reboot that damn sexbrain, boy! it aint gonna reboot itself! and yeah its best to update it everyday
  18. Fappy

    Fighting The New Drug

    that is excellent, the first week or few weeks are the toughest. its good that you feel like that, but dont get too complacent and let your guard down! thats when it gets you. its just waiting for a moment like this when it can trick you into PMOing, and it can come from anywhere so be wary
  19. Fappy

    Doing Real and my last Reboot from today

    How many times have you said that? its a good sentiment, but what will make this time any different? im not trying to undermine your determination, but what will your approach be? we dont want to see this same post a few months from now!
  20. Fappy

    Delayed Ejaculation

    just avoid all porn and porn substitutes. thats all you need to do. if the "mental thoughts" arent about porn that youve seen then yeah why not