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  1. Do or die

    Doing Real and my last Reboot from today

    Hello all I am trying to quit porn from 2016. Many times I won but then relapsed again. But from today I am going to do it at any cost. So I am starting today on 18th July 2021. Day 1
  2. Do or die

    Journal with new hopes

    Day 0 Facing Premature ejaculation problem, so from today I decided simply to quit porn. because I really want to be recovered from this.
  3. Do or die

    I am frustrated.. Trying for 3 and half years now...!

    Day 1 Today at 21 June Today relapsed after 20 days. Trying to do reboot from 16 December 2016. My best streak is of 49 days. At 16 December 2016 I know all bad effects of porn, but i continued with porn. Now my addiction is on peak. I need some help of you brothers. Please support me to...
  4. Do or die

    Breaking the cycle of addiction for whole life

    Day 0 Getting tired off. Getting bored. I am ashamed of relapsing after each successful attempt. Getting frustrated after each relapse. Lossed so much because of this addiction. Day 1 at november 29 Getting started. From today going to start it.
  5. Do or die

    Last attempt to quite porn

    Hello i am 21 years old. I started watching porn when i am 15. I am not able to focus on my study after one year of heavy addiction. Past three years i am trying to leave it . but today i am relapsed . i am relapsed 103 times in 2019. Its a hudge number. Doing single mistake 103 times is very...
  6. Do or die

    Its time to really change

    Started at 7 pm at June 2 I checked my fapping frequency today. And its 16 times a month. Its horrible .really horrible. And from now i really need a strong plan to recover mentally as well as physically.
  7. Do or die

    Reboot is not choice its mandatory

    May 21(Mission Reboot 79) Day  1(79th day for me) Foggy head from morning. Yesterday afternoon i am relapsed. Defeated urges at night. Now at day 1.
  8. Do or die

    Many times i relapsed but again started.

    Day [email protected] 20 March 2019 Yesterday i relapsed because of an gif . I lost my reboot control and relapsed. But now started again.
  9. Do or die

    Life of relapsed rebooter

    hi friends i am here for 2 years now. i just relapsed after 30 days of reboot. i did 4 times pmo. i am feeling very guilty about myself. i am 15 years old when i first saw porn. from that age i am addicted. now i want to stop but i am unable what should i do.
  10. Do or die

    A big success for me after so many relapse..

    Hello everyone I am at day 11 today. From age of 13 I am addicted to porn. Now this year I am frequently relapsed after 147 days successful reboot. After that this is first time to I am at day 11. So for motivation I am written my success here.
  11. Do or die

    started reboot at 12 September 2018

    hi guys and girls i am here after relapsing after 147 days. yes i am relapsed. i doing PM from 5 years. i am frustrated now. suciadal thoughts are  there. i wasted my five years of life. i am unable to quit this addiction please help me. at this time i have so many urges. i am controlling myself...
  12. Do or die

    Create reboot in your life if it is difficult then more adventure to do it..

    Day 1 at march 26 my internet connection is off now. all i have little bit urges. But completed this day. Meditation helped me a lot to solve my urge problem day 5 at march 30 successful 4 days. doing daily meditation. day 11 at april 5 high confidence. good health. feeling very well. day 24...
  13. Do or die

    REBOOT IN 2018

    hello to my all friends , i am here from december 2016, today i completed total 1 year i want to make my 1 year performance journal. In 2017 i did my best and i also failed many times. my average of relapse is 4 to 7 times in a month. by this average my 2017 year score is 84 relapses from 365...
  14. Do or die

    Want to leave this addiction (suffering 4.5 years)

    i am very frustrated now , and i want to leave this. i want a real reboot. Day [email protected] nov : Today morning is not good. feeling sad because i am relapsed yesterday. God please help me to reboot. i will promise myself to dont do it again. i am very lucky person in past days but porn changed my...
  15. Do or die

    100 Days challenge for Great Life !!!

    Octomber 11 This is my first day to reboot because i relapsed . i fight this addiction from age of 16. now i am 19. three years are gone but never changed. so please gather on my this journal to reboot ourselves. today i deciding new goal of 100 days 100 Days = 10*10; i devide 100 days into 10...
  16. Do or die

    Let me do it ..

    I was scared of doing reboot again and again and relapsing. Want to stop. God pls help me. Day 1 I succeed today .
  17. Do or die

    New Reboot

    From today I turned to 20 years old . so starting new reboot
  18. Do or die

    900 Days challege; 30 subparts in this each part is of 30 days

    Day 1 and 2 Clear days Day 3 and 4 Foggy head. Low self esteem. Did exercise . Positive towards my goal i counting it in decreasing manner from 900 day . It means my 4th day today :P is 897th day for me. It helps.
  19. Do or die

    30 days success after 4 years of struggle

    hi friends... i am a 19 year old boy. i hooked to porn addiction at 2013 . In 2015 i decided to quit porn becauase porn addiction affected my life nigatively. every common things in my life became negative. I posted my journal in teens section of this site. I come  directly on changes. 1. After...
  20. Do or die

    How to Overcome Porn Addiction and Get Your Life Back

    How to Overcome Porn Addiction and Get Your Life Back Break the cycle of porn addiction in 5 easy steps How to Overcome Porn Addiction and Get Your Life Back "How to Overcome Porn Addiction and Get Your Life Back" courtesy of mandyxclear He sat there in his suit and wept. "I've stopped going...