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  1. Gracie

    I'm 22, I hate porn and I still watch it. I need help

    How are you doing?
  2. Gracie


    Here is hoping that women and men are reading these threads. It really helps to know you are not the only one this has happened to!
  3. Gracie

    Hi, I am new here! Please help!

    Love you Hate the Porn is the Best!
  4. Gracie

    I'm 22, I hate porn and I still watch it. I need help

    Hey, Just do this one day at a time. When I discovered my husband was using, I would even use one day at a time. Sometimes an hour at a time. Do not view this as a two ton elephant! It is little steps over time that take you to your goal. But the most important thing is to keep taking...
  5. Gracie

    Encouragement from my SO

    Just a thought here: It is NOT your partners DUTY to satisfy you sexually! It is up to you and your partner to work toward a relationship that is mutually consensual and provides mutual enjoyment. That is when your relationship is fun and mutually fulfilling.
  6. Gracie

    no more to and fro

    For everyone one on the fence about telling or not telling, I would like to say a couple of things. Telling takes away the risk of “discovery”. Discovery is very emotional for both. And for most wives and SOs it is the secrecy that hurts most. Yes we also get caught up in comparing us to...
  7. Gracie

    I'm 22, I hate porn and I still watch it. I need help

    Hi, Andrew. Just checking on you. You are a wonderful person. Why? You recognize that there is a problem. How many 22 year olds do that? (Especially on this topic). My husband used. He started a long time ago. But one thing I learned in all my reading is that believing in yourself is...
  8. Gracie

    Hello Gentlemen. Now we begin.

    Yes, we have lost an important person.
  9. Gracie

    My husband had an affair and porn addiction

    I feel your pain. My husband did not have an affair, but the porn use discovery broke my heart in two. It destroyed my self esteem. It was awful. We worked hard together. Two things helped immensely, the Book Love You Hate the Porn and a blog It has thing...
  10. Gracie

    How to regain physical intimacy

    It is not that she doesn’t find you attractive. She doesn’t feel attractive. When our husbands have been “intimate” with countless females for their viewing pleasure, we find ourselves woefully inadequate. When were we not enough? And then when ED occurs we go back to you had no problem with...
  11. Gracie

    Yes I Can!

    Bob, Great that you shared the above! I know this has been an ongoing journey for you. Just know for all PAs it will always be an ongoing journey full of choices. I truly appreciate you speaking of sharing with your wife. I also have appreciated that you recognize that your wife is on the...
  12. Gracie

    Question for partners of rebooters

    Can you talk to her and take sex off the table for now? Perhaps explain porn addiction and it’s effects and tell her you need time. You can kiss cuddle even give her pleasure if she needs that. Just ave an honest open discussion.
  13. Gracie

    I don't want to be Done....

    Sliced, I think it is always helpful to share what worked for you, or things that were found along the way. This addiction hits partners in such a visceral way that learning there are others with information to share is a life boat. There were not many partner resources when I started my path...
  14. Gracie

    I don't want to be Done....

    Fappy Long time. Please do not go down the road of look this way, or do this it does not work. We have had women who got enhanced, had surgeries, lost weight, actually looked younger than their years. That is not what the addiction is about. Christie Brinkley’s husband was a porn addict...
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    private messages

    Joe, When you log in look in the upper right hand corner. You will see your name and profile pic. Click on the envelope next to that. It will say start a conversation or show all. Click on show all and your old messages are there. Conversation is private message.
  16. Gracie

    Porn addiction is the best thing that has happened to me

    I am giving this a bump. We have an improved forum and many new people here. This thread is worth a read. Mr. H did a great job with advice to help you through being a PA
  17. Gracie

    Murgatroyd?s Journal ? The Rest of the Story

    I feel that yes this is worth a discussion. Many men post to the forums here about their wives. Whether or not to tell them or discuss the addiction with them, how their wife is not interested in sex, how their wife has changed physically, their wife has a problem with them watching porn etc...
  18. Gracie

    I don't want to be Done....

    Patience, thanks for sharing. A great many men do not fully understand how their path of porn consumption affects their partners. They often blame their partner for their addict use of porn, chat rooms and other women. They do not often look for how they have changed the relationship. Addict...
  19. Gracie

    My husband/boyfriend uses porn

    This is from my husband and my go to seven years ago.  There was not much out there that did not blame me.  The whole site is helpful!
  20. Gracie

    Why kick porn?

    Here is information from one of my and my husband's go to in the begining.  7 years ago there was not much in the way of information. EDIT: fixed link - Gabe