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    27 months in the Flatline ...

    Hello. You need to find a girl urgently. The girl will help your libido get better. At the first stages, you can use pills, it will give you confidence and help you confidently. Used Google translate
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    Lets kill the fear of "permanent damage" once and at all

    Hello everyone. I also thought it was incurable and that I would never be able to have sex with girls. I considered myself incomplete because I couldn't satisfy a girl. But everything has changed. I rebooted, found a girlfriend and have regular sex. Guys, the main thing is not to give up. No...
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    Fantasizing about real women

    It's okay, don't worry Real life - yes Monitor pixels - no Sorry, I use google translator
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    My history

    Happy end Hello everyone. Sorry I didn't write. I had successful sex. First with pills. Now I can have sex without pills 2 times a day with my girlfriend. In general, I spent 11 months (a lot of relapses, but in the end I coped) Tips from me: NO PORN AND SUBSTITUTES Find a permanent...
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    My history

    Hi everybody. I speak only Russian. Next, the entire text will be written using a Google translator. I, a 24-year-old guy from Russia, faced the problem of erectile dysfunction. I'm a virgin, but I had the opportunity to lose my virginity with beautiful girls, but my dick just wouldn't get up...