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    Psychedelics (mushrooms)

    Just curious if any people on here have experimented with psychedelics before? I have had pied now for close to 5 years now. Stopped watching porn in that time have tried so many things to beat this thing But can’t seem to have any luck With it. Now I have heard of a lot of people using...
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    **Accountability Partner Requests**

    Hey. How is it going? Don’t know where to turn to now. Been struggling with this for almost 5 years now. Stopped watching porn and everything but can get no errections or any drive to have sex. Any tips on helping out?
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    Psychedelic route for Reboot

    Hi. Been on a long reboot here for almost 4-5 years. Had stopped watching porn in all that time but have not had any hope with my sexual drive getting back and having a very low libido. I done physical exercise,meditation,therapy,massage,yoga, Chinese medicine, walks in nature,eating properly...
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    Any tips/advice

    Hello new member here. I am a 41 year old Canadian who is suffering from severe pied.Am a very healthy athletic guy.  Been watching porn since I was young teenager to vhs,DVD magazines etc.. never had any serious issues tell maybe when I was 38. Last couple of years been really addicted to...