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  1. raylangivens

    No sex drive after 2 years rebooting

    Hi guys, I guess that many people from this forum went thru a similar situation as mine, so if you can give me tips to solve this situation I would be glad. It has been 2 years I've been rebooting and my PIED almost went away. No fapping, and orgasm only during sex. Last year I had sex with 17...
  2. raylangivens

    Libido only with one kind of woman?

    Hello guys, For those who already had a lot of experience helping people rebooting or reading the website, a think my situation is not normal so please help me. Shorten,I am 20 and I discovered reboot nation 1 and half year ago. During that time (when I discovered the website), I was dating a...
  3. raylangivens

    Sexual Roller coaster during Reboot normal?

    Please give me a tip guys, I really dont know if my situation is normal. Shorten, I`m 19, and once I discovered this website (after 1 and a half year not knowing the cause of my PIED), I already had a girlfriend (5 months dating) and told her about my situation when I saw the website, and she...