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  1. Jones

    Last days (trying to escape my nasty flatline)

    Today is Day 4 for me,I'm in a nasty flatline btw which I think is no where near to ending. So I basically enter this flatline in I think 2016. I had recovered back then a little after the 90 day mark but I messed up due to the raging erections and boredom. I honestly unintentionally relapsed...
  2. Jones

    No touch orgasm

    Hello everyone, My question. A few minutes ago I viewed a few naughty pics like for a minute then I just orgasm without even touching my dick. Is this a relapse? What just happened? Plus reply now!! I'm on 120days now so..
  3. Jones

    90 days

    Today is a day which I rejoice because I've been trying to hit 90 days for almost 2 years and today is finally that day  ;D.
  4. Jones

    Tracker problem

    This needs to be fixed now.I've been trying to track my progress but the tracker ain't working with me.
  5. Jones

    Relapsed during flatline

    Hey everyone. I just M.O to twerk videos twice and I'm tempted to do it again right next now. I've been in this long flatline for 10 months now with a few slip ups but this is my fist time relapsing to videos. Does that set me back big time?. Am gonna have to tighten up on when am home alone...
  6. Jones

    Relapsed during a flatline

    Hello Everyone it's Jones and i will like you all to know that i just relapsed.I started out viewing hardcore pic for like 2 hours then started rubbing my dick until i just M.O to a pic.How badly will this set me back? should i reset my counter? i cant believe i just broke my 250+ streak.Today...
  7. Jones

    Is it a good idea to try an jump start my libido out of this flaline?

    Hello Everyone, I'm Jones,15 years old and I've been in a flatline for 4 1/2 months now with no signs of improvements at all just a ton of porn wet dreams. I've been waiting on a breakthrough for months aint shit happening just a 2 inch dead dick all day.This scares me in a way that i'm scared...
  8. Jones


    Hey eEveryone since I've watched porn a few days ago but did't M.O. still not sure if i should reset my counter (day 125)but i really want you to answer this,why am i in a flatline? since I've watched porn a few days ago i'm stuck in a flatline please explain this.  :'( :'(
  9. Jones


    Hey everyone so i recently watched porn :'( but did't M.O and I've noticed that my sexual urges are gone it's like i'm in a flatline or some thing can you explain this to me please.Did i relapse? Do i have to start over?.... FYI I'M ON DAY 124-125
  10. Jones

    porn pic etc.

    Hey guys,Since I've recovered the urge to look at p pics is kicking in and i found myself viewing them since lately and i can't stop for some reason i don't m while looking at them but i do feel a little guilt while looking at them but i cant control myself ,while writing this i've pic in a tab...
  11. Jones

    pmo urges

    Hey everyone just complete my 90 days journey and feeling great but their is a big problem.Since i completed the 90 days i'm getting very strong urges to Mo or sometimes pmo i'm doing hard mode so it's no pmo for me,I would highly appreciate the help form any one how to fight these urges. I've ...
  12. Jones

    Porn fantasy

    I'm Jones everyone on day 60+ hard mode and I'm having crazy p fantasy right now how do I stop them?