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    No fap simply does not work. Read on!!

    I said no fap does not work for a reason. It is not because i am about to show you all some video but because it is also my experience. Abstaining from those stuff and waiting there will not work. You have to replace those activities with some work or productivity. It is coming from a person...
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    Need some advise who is seeing progress or who has been resetted.

    Hi all, It's been 4 years since I have stopped PMO. I no longer have any urge to watch porn. The compulsion has gone. But I would like to mention that I do not consider myself to be rebooted Or having got sensitivity back. I have finally found that to get satisfaction in life, you have to...
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    Check your Vitamin B12 levels ASAP. +++++++++ Important! Read on!! +++++++++

    Hi Please read everything to know how vitamin B12 is related to addiction of PMO and recovery and why you should get tested. I am 25 now. I started first hard 90 in February 2017. It has been 2 and half years without porn now. I have no cravings of porn. I am more interested in talking with...
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    I am not having wet dreams, why?

    Hii I am on my 34th day of no pmo. I have completely abstained from any sexual activity from last 33 days. But i have not had a single wet dream in these 33 days. Is this normal? I have done hard 90 and hard 40 before and i used had ejaculation in sleep after 15 days or so.(wet dream) But...
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    Regret.... Thats what porn brings.

    So its been 25 months or 2 years, i am trying to reboot myself. I'm 25 male. Hey God, why did i made such a big mistake? Why i messed up my brain? Why i messed up my life? Rebooting is such a hard thing. I did hard 90 two years ago. And since then i have come a long way. Sometimes, when i am...
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    Premature ejaculation problem!

    Hello 25 I was porn addicted for years and started recovery two years ago. Now have came very far from porn addiction and have no urge to watch porn. Now i crave real partners. But (I dont have a foreskin. It was being removed when i was child in some surgery. So i cant masturbate with bare...
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    Anxiety while eating..

    Does anyone have anxiety while eating and restless mind or it just happens to me only?
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    Not able to feel orgasm

    Hello folks, Please answer my question if you have any idea. Its been 10 months on starting no PMO. I have seen some improvements and some have worsened. After hard 90 days.. i have been casual on myself.. I am avoiding porn regularly but i have watched it some times in last couple of months...
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    Masturbated after hard 90 days.. Felt pain instead of orgasm

    So i have completed my hard 90 days of no PMO and NO-O. I  am 23. Male. I have tried to do 40 before. But had relapsed many times. This time i completed hard 90. I think i have got my 60% of sensitivity back. I can get hard by thinking of any sexual activity. Not 100 hard but around 70% hard. So...
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    What to do after hard 90?

    So i am on my 88th day and will complete 90 days. But i feel that i have only got 60% of my sensitivity back. What dhould i do after 90 days? Should i slowly introduce Masturbation(without porn) into my life about once a week or i should keep restraining from all orgams?
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    completed 87 days...

    hi so i am checking in on the day 88. i think i have got back 70% of the full sensitivity. i can get erections by thinking of real life girls. Not the hard one but i was not this sensitive for last 5 to 6 years. As Gabe says you should get hard erection just by touching your penis when you...
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    Masturbation after 90 Days..

    can anyone tell me from experience that how is the masturbation after 90 days of no PMO and not even a orgasm? I mean how is the feeling? Will it be powerful orgasm? Or the sensation will increase after? Was it possible for you guys to get an erection just by touching your penis?
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    completed 30 days...

    so, I have completed my 30 days. I m on my 31st PMO streak. so i have started to get some good morning woods. about 2 to 3 per week. and they are about 60% hard. I can touch myself through underwear and i can get erection after about gently touching for 20 to 30 seconds, not much hard but...
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    Beat Addiction With Meditation. Read this article on beating addiction with meditation.
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    Completed 24 days... Feeling the flatline now

    I am on my 25th day of no PMO. I havent seen any memory improvements yet. After quitting P, i saw some improvements in night's sleep, as i can get sleep within minutes and not have to just lay for hours to get sleep and wake feeling tired all the time. I also saw some mood improvements for the...