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    How I overcame HOCD

    Hey you guys I came to let you guys know that I thought about what all you guys told me. I was thinking about it the whole day. I realized that I'm not gay or bi because I never thought about if I'm gay or bi after that homosexual experience. I was only afraid of people finding out about my...
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    Hello guys I'm currently experiencing HOCD due to massive loads of porn. I have a question to ask to help get over this HOCD. I know I have false attractions and feelings including gay thoughts but I was wondering if its normal for straight men to think some guys are good looking without any...
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    Can porn addiction cause you to have HOCD and sex encounters you regret?

    Hello, I have a question to ask you about overcoming HOCD. I been a porn addict since middle school. I finally got a girlfriend and we have lots of sex. We've beem off and on. I've been getting so many sexual urgees to stick my penis in anything I see. Ive watched all types of porn including...