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    Believe in the Process

    yes, we're not. That's why the choice matters all the more! And it's one to retake everyday
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    Believe in the Process

    Yeha man, its all about that Shift in Perspektive and thus Direktion. Your daily choices Put you on a road, it's Up to you to decide what Kind of Road or path you find yourself on. Keep it Up!
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    NO P success - Life changes

    Quick Update: After my Last Post I went to africa, on a solo Bike Trip for 4 months. Had some really shaping experiences and - I am Sure - learned a lot of stuff + General skills (Handling myself in difficult situations, how to Deal with intense fear/ troubles, finding a solution for anything...
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    Finally caught up with me

    hey man, how'd it turn out?
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    Cravings coming back - strong AF

    Hey everybody, I am writing in a state of craving for P. Woke up today in the morning with a hardon, had a sexy dream about my ex gf where I was penetrating her. Did not cum or anything, but wound up masturbating a bit later. No P, some fantasizing. Now while I dont think it is a bad thing to...
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    Accepting myself

    How are you keepin up patoosh?
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    NO P success - Life changes

    Hey DbD! Yep, I had PIED and performance anxiety (the latter is not completely gone yet). I first tried to have sex when I was 19-20 with ~10 different girls, never could get it up. I felt ashamed of myself and generally the whole situation. I knew the women that were with me also felt sth was...
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    Exciting days!!

    Good that you're keeping. Yes, it is definitely some kind of dopamine release, also the constant swiping delivers exactly that. But hey, one step at a time. Abstaining from P is already great.
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    NO P success - Life changes

    Hey man, sounds great. I always just sit in silence and let the thoughts come and go. Once you've got a routine in meditating, it gets easier! I'd say you don't have to silence your mind but acknowledge the thoughts that pop up, and then let go. Sounds easier than it is, I know, but I think the...
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    NO P success - Life changes

    Hey Guys! Just thought about the progress I've made since abstaining from P - I started in march 2020, so more than 2.5 years without P. Maybe this can serve as a motivation for those struggling with P(MO). What did I achieve? - completed a master program with excellence - gained a lot of Work...
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    Exciting days!!

    Hey Durden, how are you keepin up? I know this tinder thing, used to do it sometimes as well. Not sure what I was looking for, maybe pics or just the thought of being intimate with those girls even though I know I want a real connection. Keep grinding man, you can kick this habit!
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    Discovering my potential through rebooting

    Keep going Dantes! I like that you're meditating, can really help to be aware of your actions (and maybe react when you're about to do sth stupid, that is, view P.). All the best to you. Frank
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    The Whole Truth

    Dude, You can do it! Sounds like you're in the beginning of your 20s. Some guys on here have used P for more than 20 years (or even more). You're lucky to have identified the problem. Now you can act on it!It's never too late, especially in your case. You've got plenty of time, but also some...
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    Un paso atrás no es una opcion

    Aunque en estos momentos no parece, vas a mejorar. A lo mejor tienes que aceptar y dejarte llevar por anciedad. Aceptar (y no rechazar) pero a la vez hacer cosas buenas para ti mismo, mantener un nivel de actividad, meditar, tomar duchas frias, hacer deporte, leer, ver amigos etc. Tu puedes!
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    PMO destroyed my willpower and vitality. Journal of my journey to 90 days and beyond without this nasty shit

    Hey man sounds good! Play it cool, be open and honest about it and embrace it. That's the best you can do. Also, libido + sex drive and hard erections will come around man, just a matter of time. Keep pushin!
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    Flatline after Recovery?

    Libido + sex drive is back all of a sudden. Also feels like I have blueballs. Energy is up!
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    Where should I ask a question that might cause some people to relapse?

    Hey man, 23 years of PMO sounds crazy (I've had maybe half and that's already a lot). How are you doing right now? Keep up the good work and follow your path!
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    Has anyone else experienced this

    Hey man, are you off P(MO) now? If not, start immediately! Sounds like you always jumped back to P when after those periods of abstinence. If you want to get to the point of having great erections and amazing sex, you gotta quit P for good. Do you have someone to rewire with?
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    Flatline after Recovery?

    Last days more Energy, seeing Friends, doing Sports & other activities. Still No libido though. Made Out with a Girl at a Party Yesterday, she was really into it, I thought: I 'd Like to be able to enjoy this as well, but somehow it's not doing anything for me (even though I found her...
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    Is this normal during reboot? Day6

    Si, diria que es muy normal, puede tardar mucho mas! Tomate tu tiempo, y ya llegaran los resultados. Sigue tu camino :)