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    36, Married, just discovered this path

    Well done man keep going... I'm similar situation to you
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    Small step to the moon

    Start back at day 1 after relapse?
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    Bad sleep & 495 ng/dl T...I am scared.

    On my first reboot I could barely sleep for a month ... it was horrific....but after some time I normalized ....
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    Anxious about recovery

    No dude none of that.... you need to be conditioned to real sex... conditioning yourself to M is just another variation of sexual dysfunction.... I never used to watch porn as a kid and I had dysfunctions from M alone...
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    Anxious about recovery

    No PMO forever... Take a good few months to work on yourself and when your feeling nearly ready or ready then go for her...
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    Need help and suggestions

    You should consider testrostine boosters...dyor
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    Help me please...suggest your experience

    I didn't discover this problem until I'm 36... Next year I'm going to be a fuicking machine... I promise... And you are gona have to hear all about it lol... Still nearly 100 days this year... Heaps of ground work for 2022...
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    Anxious about recovery

    Dude your so young man you have heaps of time.. I'm 37 now and I'm fully hopefull of recovery... Don't MO it will slow you down... Don't fantasy or edge...
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    Buddy I have experience with this and it didn't go well for me so I gave up green for 23 weeks now I can't trust myself.... To heal pied you have to go to far extra levels... fitness weights anaerobic and aerobic fitness... healthy diet... fasting... the works ... You have to dopamine detox all...
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    YOU?RE DELUDING YOURSELVES ? Recovery is not always possible!

    I'm seeing that fitness and diet and dopamine detox could be as important as no PMO in itself.... If you put your whole life into fixing this with the fitness and diet then I can't see why it won't work
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    Hi. It’s women too.

    Once I had a girlfriend and she never orgasimed... and that was impossible because I was a legend... So it all makes sense now... Using toys does the same thing it tames you down for real sex...
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    Pied and multiple addiction recovery

    Hey buddy.. I'm day 23 no porn but I did MO twice 2 days ago... Advice out there is this a start all over again? Or am I still say day 23 no PMO?
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    Pied and multiple addiction recovery

    Day 18 no pmo... feeling heaps better 14 weeks no weed smoking... my eye vision is clearing up... now just need to keep taking steps and adding to this no fap journey... I feel I've got it this time .... !!!
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    I Made it to 90 Days!!!!

    Most people do 90 days ... they accomplished their goal and then revert back to their old ways... ...
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    I'm day 17ish no pmo and my wood is as dead lol...
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    Rewiring with a partner is a good thing ... but might be better to do no PMO to start with for awhile to make the progress better
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    DAY 67 - I stopped a PMO dream

    Dude I'm 2 weeks pmo free... Around the 8 day mark I had a dream and in it was like me watching a porn video... And I was covering up the screen with my hands so I wouldn't see it... lol... and I didn't...
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    Pied and multiple addiction recovery

    Day 13 no PMO... Doing it easy street can't see me failing this time... got Savage dead dick so PMO is easy to not do... just focusing on life... working on my vision and poker and crypto.... In terms of having a gf and laying down pipe this year... its off the cards... still got half a year...
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    Pied and multiple addiction recovery

    Day 6 now and doing the vision statement and super pumped...