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    Porn use wreaking havoc

    I've definitely been there before, and I understand that last attempt by the brain to get one more hit. Congrats on recognizing it and being accountable! It's really easy to feel down about shorter periods without relapse, but remember that you're already in the process of healing, and those two...
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    Disciplined for peace

    Day 2, better Today I am healing and victorious. Today started a lot better. My wife forgave me yesterday somehow, and we've been starting to get back to normal. Of course, there's still a healing process we have to go through together, but the tension that was causing a lot of my anxiety is...
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    Disciplined for peace

    Day 1, pain This is the first day after a relapse. My wife is away on a trip to visit her parents, and I have been alone at our apartment for three days. Of course, this led to a relapse yesterday and the day before. I wasn't very careful at all to avoid my triggers, I guess I thought it...
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    Disciplined for peace

    I have been addicted to PMO since I was 14, and I am now 20. Like many here, I have been through the cycle of trying to reboot and then relapsing and doing that over and over, and every time it hurts both romantic and personal relationships in my life. I have felt trapped, unable to escape the...