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    P Thank you for your advice! I complete this process a couple of years ago but slipped up during lockdown/Covid. I'm aware of the process and the ups and downs it will bring. Yesterday was one of the worst tidal wave of emotions I've ever experienced though. i have made HUGE progress over the...
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    thank you, I appreciate you replying. I know what I'm feeling is normal. I've done this before and saw fantastic results (down there). but in the past few days I've been hit with a tidal wave of emotions and my head is in a complete tail spin. I hooked up with someone the other day, (long...
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    30/m/uk/gay/pied we go. my name is ed, I'm 30 from the uk, I'm gay and I'm suffering with pied (big time). this isn't my first time doing "this" and I'm currently on day 15-20 (I don't keep exact days). Though this is't my first day I'm currently in a very low and lonely head space right now and I...